Missionary #6004 Prayer Letter:  The Night Cometh When No Man Can Work“I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.” (John 9:4)

As summer wraps up and we head into fall, we have been busy doing the work the Lord has placed in our path. Though our hearts are with our friends in China, right now the Lord has work to be done here. The harvest is all around us wherever we go. We must always be ready to reap where the Master leads us. In August and September, we were in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Oklahoma. After one soul-winning morning in Kenmore, Ohio, I took E___ and T___ to Lake Anna in Barberton, where we could take a nice walk around the lake. On our way around, we came across Jasmine and her mom sitting on a bench. E___ took the opportunity to give them a tract and ask them about their salvation. Neither mom nor daughter could answer with a positive answer. E___ then walked them through the verses that led to Jesus. Both mom and daughter then asked Jesus into their heart. What a joy to finish our walk around the lake as they began their walk with Jesus.

On another occasion, I approached a young Chinese man outside a college campus in Chicago. His name was W___ Y___. He was wearing a medical mask, and his hands were full with 2-liters and cups for a party. I spoke to him in Chinese, and he was surprised. I handed him a tract and asked him if he knew anything about it. He answered that he was learning and only knew a little bit. I asked him if he was a Christian, and he said “No.” Y___ stood and listened as I explained salvation to him and what Jesus did for him. When done, Y___ decided being a Christian was a good idea. With students rushing by, he bowed his head and accepted Christ. The harvest is there wherever we are.

The work to be done is not always the same, but whether you sow, water, reap, or grow, all are important to accomplish. My wife has been discipling a young Chinese lady named J___ for several months now. J___ is unable to attend church at this time but is very eager to learn and discuss the Bible. It is a privilege to work with Christ as He molds and changes lives.

Thanks to all the supporting churches that make the work possible. Thank you to all the churches that we get to be a part of as we travel. Please pray for us to be able to fill our schedule with productive meetings that will give us the opportunity to return to China, where there is still an enormous amount of work waiting to be done. The night cometh when no man can work.

Getting the greatest story on earth to the greatest population on earth,

Missionary #6004