Missionary #6004 Prayer Letter: Nothing Is Hidden From the Lord“Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee; but the night shineth as the day: the darkness and the light are both alike to thee.”  (Psalm 139:12)

When we cannot understand why things happen the way they do, contemplate this thought for a while: nothing is hidden from the Lord. There is nothing the Lord does not know, and there is nothing the Lord cannot do. He sees all. He knows all. He is not surprised or startled by anything. Since my last letter, the COVID-19 virus has begun to spread its grief on America. To look at the news today, you could easily believe the Lord is coming this week. But I would urge you to look beyond the news to something far better—the amazing power of God that overshadows everything. This “novel” virus was not novel to Him. The terrible deaths that have come as a result were no surprise. His heart grieves for those who have lost loved ones, and He is able to comfort all who are seeking it. Help can be found at our fingertips, by searching His Word, and on our knees, by praying to Him. His help is available for all.

J___, a girl we worked with in China, needed His help. She professed to be a Christian and, with a shaky testimony, stood firm on that statement. After we left China, she made a string of bad decisions based on feelings, rather than the godly counsel she had heard. These decisions left her in a place of grief and misery. S___ continued to patiently lead her despite the previous disregard to godly counsel. One evening while S___ was trying to help her through a discipleship course, it seemed J___ was struggling. S___ felt that she should once again ask about her salvation story. It was at this time that J___ realized she did not have a time and a place where she accepted Christ as her Saviour. S___ gladly helped her to meet the Saviour. Sometimes we make life so difficult because we refuse to trust that God knows the answers. He can help you through whatever may come.

I would like to praise God for the amazing work He has done with my father’s health. From the time he got home from the hospital till now, he has gained needed weight and muscle. He is now walking under his own power again. He is eating regularly again. He is able to have lengthy conversations. The nurses call him a miracle. Unfortunately, as far as we know, the cancer is still there, and he still has much trouble from Parkinson’s; but the Lord has added life to him, for which he and my mother are grateful.

Please continue to pray for our Christian friends in China. There is still much persecution. I ask that you also pray for our support to be raised in His time and for the paperwork to go through without trouble when it comes time to return. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Bound to His service,

Missionary #6004 and Family