Missionary #6004 Prayer Letter: No Need for Worrying--God Is Still in Control“And when ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, be ye not troubled . . . .” (Mark 13:7)

There are many things that we could worry about, but the Lord commanded us to not worry, but to trust in Him and stand for Him. So that is what we did through the months of April and May as we traveled to tell churches about the great work God is doing in China. We were in Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana. It was a blessing to see and get to know all the churches we visited. We have enjoyed being part of all of these good missions-minded churches, and we appreciate the work God is doing through these good people. We also appreciate all the churches that have already partnered with us to facilitate our return to the work in China. One recent month, it was a blessing to see 40% of our needed support come in. We are anxiously anticipating God’s increase in that support as the Lord blesses churches we have had the privilege to visit.

The Lord continues to bless in soul winning as well. In April, S____ was able to lead a man and a woman to Christ when they visited the Asian Sunday School Class. Both were baptized the same day. T__ was able to lead 2 younger boys to the Lord while out with the teen soul-winning group. E____ met a young girl while out with teen soul winning also. The girl already had a tract in her hand that someone had given her, so E_____ asked if she could explain it. The girl said “Yes.” After hearing the Gospel, she decided to trust Christ. I was privileged to see 4 people trust Christ in the last couple of weeks. With 3 of those, the Chinese I have learned over the years was very helpful in introducing them to Jesus.

Though there be “trade wars” and rumors of “trade wars,” we will not be troubled. China is like any other country, as they must adapt to the political environment in the world. One of the keys to reaching China is flexibility. As China adds restrictions and changes requirements for foreigners to enter China, we must adapt also. Thankfully, we have an all-knowing, infinitely wise God from Whom we may seek counsel. He can guide us where we need to be to do His work. Please pray for all those missionaries trying to get to China. We need wisdom to get our visas, protection, and boldness to spread the Gospel, as well as the ability to clearly teach sound doctrine. Please continue to pray for our support to increase and for the Lord to lead us to return to China in His timing. Please also pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in China as they try to live out their faith despite the persecution that is all around them. We hear from them almost daily. Pray for them to have boldness, wisdom, and protection.

Missionary #6004 and Family