Missionary #6004 Prayer Letter: God Is WorkingWhile the mercury leaped up this summer, so did the numbers of people seeking the Lord. Our church averaged over 50 all summer long. It was a blessing to see the faithfulness of the people over the summer months. M__ and L__, a couple that attends our meeting, also leads a meeting of their own. They came to us to find out about child rearing. As they watched and learned, they realized their meeting also needed a place for the children to be taught. They began asking many questions and intensely studying how to conduct a nursery and Sunday school. After a few months, they presented the idea to their people and started a Sunday school/nursery time. Many of the mothers find it hard to leave their children, so the training at our meeting has helped L__ understand how better to help them. Along with M__ and L__, we spent many Sunday evenings counseling with parents unsure of how to carry out God’s plan of training children. Some people are amazed and excited about hearing these things, yet others think it is too difficult. Please keep in prayer those who find it difficult to discipline their children. If we cannot reach them, there will be a generation of children that grows to be ungrateful, spoiled brats.

We were also privileged to move for the fourth time in the last five years. The average is getting better, and we trust that the Lord knows why we switch houses so much. This summer’s move was a unique one though. We had the opportunity to stay in that home longer, but through several circumstances, we felt we should look for a new place. One factor in determining our move was the meeting. Though our old place had enough room for us, it was kind of small when the people started showing up for the Sunday night meetings. We asked the Lord to guide us to the right place if there was another place better suited for the meetings. He, of course, did. He used a friend of my wife’s to direct us to a house that was better suited for our gatherings. Not only can we fit more people more comfortably, but we now also have a place to baptize at our evening meetings. When moving day arrived, my devotion that morning reminded me that our strength and help are from the Lord. Sure enough, He provided about 20 people to help us move! We had so many hands that the work was light, and we were finished moving 95% of everything by suppertime. Hallelujah!

Another blessing that comes from moving is a second place to baptize. Our new home has a place for a bathtub that we can use for baptizing. As we discussed this with some of our members, one lady named J__ mentioned that she would like to be baptized. She would also like her daughter to be baptized. Both have accepted Christ but have not been yet baptized. As we talked about this with her, another member came up and said she would like to be baptized also. She had been sprinkled in the past, but after hearing how to be biblically baptized, she decided she wanted to do it God’s way. Her son also wants to be baptized. So as soon as the tub arrives, there are 4 baptisms already waiting! Praise God!

As the temperatures are now beginning to fall, the spirits are beginning to rise to the challenge to serve Christ. One Chinese man named W__, who joined us last February, has been growing spiritually. He preached for us a couple times over the summer in the Chinese meeting. Many ladies have been serving in the nursery. Several others have prepared and performed special music in the services. Lives are being changed. People are making decisions to follow Christ. We have just started three new Sunday school classes in our meetings. Attendance is steadily increasing, but more importantly, the faithfulness of the people is drawing them closer to the Saviour.

Please keep praying for the people to grow spiritually. Pray for us to have the wisdom to discern spiritual leaders who can rise up and extend the work further. Pray for more souls to be saved. The Holy Spirit is vital in our soul winning here since we must depend on Him to lead us to those who want to hear the Gospel, as well as lead us away from those who would want to stop the growth of God’s work here. We also need His guidance in giving the people an outlet to use the things they have learned to help others. This year has seen an increase in distrust of the Christian churches. The leaders of the land have decided that rules regarding unsanctioned meetings should be enforced. This has many Christians on edge concerning their faith. Please pray that the local Christians will, as persecution comes, have the boldness, wisdom, and courage to serve God rather than man. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

Missionary #6004 and Family