“. . . if ye seek him, he will be found of you; but if ye forsake him, he will forsake you.” (II Chronicles 15:2)

Many people love hide-and-seek. It seems even God loves this game. One of the best things about hide-and-seek is the fact that someone is interested in finding you. They must try to think like you. This must be why the Lord wants us to seek Him—it motivates us to think like Him. However, as in hide-and-seek, the One you seek is not always where you thought you would find Him. For 12 years, we served the Lord in China before returning to raise support. When the need to stay here became reality, I did not understand why He would have us here. I thought, I’m supposed to find Him in China. Yet, during the last two years, we have found the Lord in the churches we have visited, the people we have met, and the decisions we have made.

By being here, we’ve seen scores of people get saved. In the past four weeks, He’s allowed us to see six more people saved! One of those saved was Ruby’s first time to lead someone to Christ! The Lord has also allowed us to be a part of seeing many of those who got saved also get baptized. The Lord also gave us the opportunity to help disciple them. While doing these things, it occurs to me that we found the Lord here and that this is where He wants us right now.

By being here, we have gotten to know many church families across this country. We were blessed in the last month by a couple of churches in Indiana and Missouri. Here we found the Lord again hiding in our schedule. As we filled in for one pastor, the Lord used us to allow a special behind-the-scenes blessing to occur. At another church we visited, it was like catching up with old friends, though we had never met before. Lord willing, we will head out West in the fall to seek what the Lord has there. I’m positive we will find Him there also.

As we have sought the Lord, He has been found. Please pray for us as we seek Him again by testing our ability to reenter the country as soon as the opportunity arises. While there, we’d like to visit several cities where we have connections. Please pray for those we have been discipling online. Two of the three men are already finished with the first level. Pray for them to have boldness to teach the truths they learn to others. Also, please pray for a transportation concern that we have, as well as a few nagging health issues. Thank you for your faithfulness as we seek to get the greatest story on earth to the greatest population on earth.

Bound to His service,

Missionary #6004 & Family