Missionary #6004 Prayer Letter: Confirming the Direction of Service“In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” (Proverbs 3:6)

Since our last letter, the Lord has been confirming the direction He has given us to follow. Previously, a church in Taiwan offered to provide us with a letter of invitation that would allow us to work on the island. In preparation for a move, we will visit Taiwan during the month of November. While there, we will have the opportunity to visit several works, as well as one of our own Team China members. Lord willing, we will confirm the field to which we will return, and as soon as our visa paperwork is approved, we will leave for Taiwan. There are clear and obvious opportunities not only to further our efforts to get the Gospel to Mainland China, but also to help reach Taiwan as well. Please be praying for us to follow the Lord’s path as we return to the field with hopes of eventually returning back to the mainland and the converts who are eagerly waiting there.

The Lord has also led our family to many people needing to hear the Gospel since August. Along our trail from church to church, we have given out Gospel tracts everywhere we went. Of those who received them, we were blessed to see 10 receive Christ as their Saviour! On one particular day, I met up with E___ on her bus route. I got out of the car and headed across the street, where K___ R___ was getting ready to get on his bike. I passed him a tract and began talking to him about the Lord. Before heading off to exercise, he exercised his faith by bowing his head and asking Christ into his heart. Later that same day, I had the privilege of telling J___, a Latino man, about Jesus, our Saviour. J___ had never prayed for Christ’s free gift of eternal life before. He happily bowed his head and prayed to ask Christ into his heart. As we walked away, I was reminded of the time I was able to see a young man, who had taken the name L___, accept Christ in China! I’m glad both J___ and L___ are going to Heaven now. Who needs TV when you can go soul winning?! It’s just as entertaining and much more rewarding!

Praise the Lord . . .
• For souls saved.
• That COVID restrictions in Taiwan have been dropped.
• That N___ and J___ have come to church several times.

Please pray for . . .
• The Holy Spirit’s direction on our trip to Taiwan.
• E___ in college.
• More laborers willing to go.
• Chinese converts under lockdown.
• Divine favor with our official paperwork.
• N___ and J___ to be saved.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

Bound to His service,

Missionary #6004 and Family