Missionary #6004 Prayer Letter: China Still Needs Jesus!“. . . he [God] removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise,
and knowledge to them that know understanding.” (Daniel 2:21)

The rumors are running wild concerning China—anything from, China is going to dissolve, to they are going to attack Taiwan, to they will open up and everything will be “normal” again soon. It is difficult to be certain of anything that is going on. We are certain, however, that the people of China need Jesus. This has never and will never change. We have heard that the community where we once lived is now under lockdown. For certain, the city we worked in is under lockdown. Obviously, Shanghai, a major entrance for flights coming into China is under a serious lockdown. The situation seems almost impossible, which is a great place for the Lord to do His work. We have seen the Lord’s hand guiding in every step that we have taken since we returned from China several years ago. We trust that the Lord is still leading, and we are determined, Lord willing, to return to mainland China. God opened the door to us in 2006, and it has not been shut. We are anxiously waiting for the Lord’s leading in returning to the work.

The people we know in the locked-down areas seem more and more frustrated and upset. One particular family has not seen each other for almost two months because the dad’s job puts him in contact with people who have a high chance of having COVID. This family is not quarantined apart by choice, but rather at their leader’s requirements. Several families we know seem to be hurting, whether financially, physically, or emotionally, because of the lockdowns. Please be praying for these Chinese believers, as they are cut off from fellowship with other believers for various reasons. Their churches have been closed. They have been locked in their fenced communities, unable to come and go as they please. Family members who are working have been locked into their places of business, unable to return home till the lockdowns are over. I believe the Lord could do great things to grow their faith in this time, but it could also be used of Satan to crush their faith. Please keep these believers in prayer.

Once again, the Lord put us in the right place at the right time. T___ and I went to Oklahoma City for a short trip. T___ was needing to gather some information for a not-too-distant decision he will need to make. While there, we stopped for a quick break at a gas station. As we entered the store, a man passed in front of me and squatted down by the front of the building. When we came out, he said something to catch my attention—he was asking for some money for gas. Well, silver and gold had I none, but I did have a bank card and a Gospel tract! T___ conversed with him while I filled his tank. When done, we filled W___’s spiritual tank as well; he bowed his head and accepted Christ. Pray for him, as I am trying to direct him to a good church. He is also searching for work and a permanent place to live.

Thank you for all the prayers that have been made on our behalf. The Lord is continuing to move us toward returning to the field. We had read information that China would start issuing dependent and tourist visas possibly this summer. That good news will most likely be delayed now due to the lockdowns. Please pray that this situation will dissipate soon.

Prayer Requests

• W___ to get a stable job, home, and church
• Wisdom necessary to get our paperwork done correctly
• Raise the rest of our support
• Divine favor with the officials checking paperwork
• Chinese converts to have safety, wisdom, and prudence

Bound to His service,

Missionary #6004