Missionary #6004 Prayer Letter: A Very Special Wedding“. . . even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it.” (Ephesians 5:25)

We arrived back in Indiana just in time! S___ and I have been working with Ja__ and Je___ since we came back from China. They got saved and had been coming to church as often as they could. S___ had been discipling Je___ for a several months when Je___ shared the news that she and Jack wanted to get married. Je___ had dreamed of a “church” wedding, meaning a Christian wedding, as opposed to the commonly accepted style of weddings in China. Often weddings in China are held at a restaurant, where the attendees eat, smoke, and drink alcohol. Ja__ and Je____, however, were determined to have a God-honoring wedding and to get the Gospel message to their friends. P__ P__, their Sunday school teacher, agreed to perform the ceremony on January 4. Due to virus restrictions, there was no way for their parents to come, so they decided to include them via video conference. In light of that information, they needed someone to walk Je___ down the aisle. Thus, I can now say I have walked my first bride down the aisle, though none of my daughters have been married! What an exciting time it was to see converts making God-honoring decisions in their lives!

Despite this time of restrictions and social distancing, the Lord loves the church and still draws people to Himself. One slushy Saturday afternoon, I was walking by a sledding hill where I met Za__. I was able to witness to him, and he decided to trust Christ. Later that day, P__ P__ and I were near Pacific Garden Mission, where I had the chance to tell J___ and R__ about Jesus. While out doing some shopping, S____ met a Thai lady, whom she shared the Gospel with. G___ had been searching for the truth and was glad to receive the gift of eternal life. T___ was also able to lead a man to Christ while out soul winning. Please pray for R___, a Vietnam veteran and former homicide detective. I witnessed to him, but he is struggling to accept forgiveness after all he has experienced. Pray for our law enforcement officers and troops who must daily see how sin twists the minds of mankind.

Praise the Lord! Our spring is almost completely filled with meetings in the Southeast. As we continue to fill our schedule through this year, we are praying that the Lord will provide the last 35% of our support so we can head back to the field. It would be a huge answer if we could return before next December, but as always, the Lord’s timing is best.

Bound to His service,

Missionary #6004