Mike Sarver Prayer Letter: Were It Not for COVID-19Our world is a lot different today than it was a month ago. I pray that you and your family and your church are strong in the Lord. Our family would count it a blessing to pray with you if you let me know of any requests.

Giving Thanks Always for All Things

Were it not for the Coronavirus, I might have never met Anane Kwaku. Last Saturday morning, we were rushing to visit as many of our class members as possible because the government decreed that there could be no public gatherings, including schools and churches, at least until after Easter, April 12. We were trying to inform all of them that, in addition to being on the TV Sunday mornings, Pastor Speer (our team leader and pastor) would be preaching on the radio at 11:00 a.m., and our staff men would be teaching on the radio Wednesday evenings at 8:00. We met Anane Kwaku at the home of his stepmom, who is a member of our class. He was only home because his university had canceled all classes indefinitely. After visiting all of the class members I could, I went back to see Anane and preached to him the Gospel. He gladly received the truth and placed his faith in Christ alone for salvation.

The Time Is Short

We found out last Saturday that not only were churches closed for four weeks, but our city would be on lockdown for two weeks starting on Monday, March 30. Immediately I thought of Promise Fiakuna. I knew she had been visiting her brother-in-law, Dennis Amponsah, for a few days. (Dennis is my paralyzed convert who is still in great need: gofundme.com/HelpDennisWalkAgain.) I knew that if I did not preach the Gospel to her before the lockdown, then I might never get the chance to do so. So, Sunday afternoon, we made a special trip to Dennis’ house to witness to Promise. I praise the Lord that she also trusted Christ.

Lockdown Opportunities

With the lockdown in effect as of this past Monday, I have been working from my office set up in the corner of my bedroom. I have been making a lot of phone calls to my class members. You can watch this video about our church’s outreach during this time: tinyurl.com/TeamGhanaMar2020. Also this past week, we delivered rice and oil to the neediest of our church members. Yesterday, I went out to get groceries for my family. I hailed an Uber for the express purpose of preaching the Gospel during the lockdown. My driver, Philip, was also very happy to receive God’s gift of eternal life!

Prayer Requests

On March 23, my mother had open-heart surgery, and it was successful. I wish I could give her a hug, but even if I were in the States right now, that would not be allowed! I would appreciate your prayers for her recovery. And please pray that our church members would choose to draw closer to the Lord during these challenging times.

Your servants and His,

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben Sarver