Mike Sarver Prayer Letter: We Have to Say Thank YouThis week, we celebrated Ben’s 4th birthday. Four years ago, Maria was at a hospital here in Kumasi nervously awaiting a C-section. However, we believe that just in time, God sent a doctor who gave us a second opinion; he said that Maria should be allowed to deliver naturally. We are still praising the Lord for intervening that day!


Last month, God touched the hearts of friends and family to help my paralyzed convert Dennis. We raised $300 to help with his back rent and $500 for him to try alternative therapy. This was a great blessing, but Dennis’ needs are still great. Anyone desiring to help could visit this website: www.gofundme.com/HelpDennisWalkAgain.

After Dennis’ accident last year, my son John and I started visiting in Dennis’ neighborhood. This past Sunday, we had three visitors from his Dennis’ area. His wife Safia brought a visitor, and two men whom John and I had invited came. All three heard the Gospel and professed their faith in Christ. (At the end of this post: Our Bible college student Michael preaching the Gospel to our visitor, Akwasi Addai.)


Esther started attending our Sunday school class 2½ years ago. Esther is a public school teacher. Her husband had shared the Gospel with her, and she trusted Christ. She has completed our discipleship curriculum, and she serves as our class secretary. She has also taught Maria how to cook several Ghanaian dishes. Esther has a zeal for soul winning. Not only has she gone soul winning with Maria, but she also shares the Gospel with her fellow teachers. She has also been able to win her nephew to Christ.


Last month, I wrote about Grace Appiah. She and her family are still coming. Maria won her daughter Erica to Christ, and she got baptized on March 24. Grace and her son Samuel brought several visitors to our Sunday school class this past month. Keep praying for them all to grow spiritually.


I won Peter to Christ in 2016. Now he is our church’s visitation pastor, and he is enrolled in our Bible college. He wrote me this very kind letter recently: “It is a year now since I was employed to serve Jehovah God through this great ministry. It happened as a result of your good, caring character. I was lost at first as far as the understanding of salvation was concerned, but you took much time in your office to witness to me. Later, you brought Brother Otchere Boachie to my house to witness to my wife, and now our entire family is fellowshipping with the church. We are also thankful that our children get to attend Fundamental Baptist Academy. In fact, your family’s missionary service to Ghana has had much influence on the life of my family. A lot you have done for us. We must say, ‘WE THANK YOU VERY MUCH! MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!’”

What a privilege it is to serve such good folks as Peter, Grace, Esther, Dennis, and their families. We have to pass some of Brother Peter’s gratitude onto our dear supporters! So, “We thank you very much! May God bless you and your families!”

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben Sarver