Mike Sarver Prayer Letter:  Two Amazing Answers to PrayerTo the glory of God, I want to share with you two amazing answers to prayer.

Francis Beyor

After an extra emphasis on bringing visitors in the month of March, Pastor Speer reminded us of the need to visit in the homes of those who visited our church. So I divided up our class’s visitors between myself and the other soul winners in my class. At the top of my list was Francis Beyor. Francis lived next door to the church. I prayed for him and our other visitors the rest of the week.

My son John, translator Julius, and I left the soul-winning meeting that Saturday morning, and we started walking to go visit Francis Beyor. I happened to look to my right and saw a guy in a red tank top and sun glasses sitting on a rock near our school playground—an unusual sight. I felt a slight prompting to go talk to the guy in the red shirt and sunglasses, but instead we continued walking to go visit Francis Beyor.

The man in the red shirt

The man in the red shirt

Francis Beyor was not at home, so I started witnessing to a friendly guy outside of Francis Beyor’s house. As I was witnessing to the friendly guy, the guy in the red shirt and sunglasses started walking toward us. Someone said, “That’s Francis!” Amazed I said, “Francis, I need to talk to you when I finish.” But when the friendly guy asked God to save him half an hour later, Francis Beyor was not around. A little disappointed, we walked back to the church so I could drive to another area for visiting. But when we arrived back at the church, Francis Beyor—the one in the red tank top and sunglasses—was back at the playground! Julius translated, and I was able to win Francis Beyor to Christ! The next day Francis Beyor moved away, and I have not seen him since.

Francis Agyemang Kwabi

Last month I wrote about our class member Agnes Kwabi. I specifically requested prayer that I would be able to win her brother, Francis Agyemang Kwabi, to Christ. Our class has been praying for him too. Agnes tried to set up appointments for me several times, but each time Francis had to travel.

This past Sunday Agnes missed Sunday school for the first time in a very long time. Her granddaughter Doreen was hit by a car on her way to church. That afternoon I took Otchere Boachie, a Bible college student, with me to visit Doreen at the hospital, but she had already been released. We found her at Agnes’ house; she was fine—just a little bruised, but no broken bones or anything! But guess who else was there at Agnes’ house? Agnes’ brother, Francis Kwabi Agyemang. We won him to Christ. Thank God for sparing Doreen’s life and for working it out for Francis to hear the Gospel!

Let’s pray for God to continue doing a great work here in Ghana, West Africa!

Michael, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben

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