Mike Sarver Prayer Letter:  Receptive MournersUpdate on Joy

Our daughter’s pediatric neurologist in the States has now been able to review the EEG and blood tests done here in Ghana. Based on the results, Joy’s level of epilepsy medication should stay the same, and her condition does not necessitate a return to the States before our planned furlough in 2017. We thank God for His direction in this area. We are still praying for complete healing.

Just a Small Scratch

Adwoa Obisiwu visited our church from the village of Adankwame in 2014 and received Christ as her Saviour. She began attending faithfully, but then a scratch on her foot stopped her from coming. That scratch became severely infected due to improper care, and eventually her foot had to be amputated. After recovering from the surgery, Adwoa strove to adjust to life with only one foot.

Just a Stomachache

On September 27, Adwoa developed a stomach pain. A family member went to the pharmacy and bought a prescription drug for her without a prescription. (“Self-medicating” is all too common here.) That drug made Adwoa vomit, so the family member returned to the pharmacy and bought a drug to stop the vomiting. This second drug did not help, so a different family member went to the pharmacy and explained the entire situation to the pharmacist. The pharmacist recommended a completely different drug. This third drug had a sedative effect, so Adwoa slept through the night. By the next morning, Adwoa’s condition was worse, so her family took her to a local clinic. The doctors there were unable to help her, so they sent her to the main government hospital in Kumasi. Tragically, Adwoa passed away in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Mourners Receptive to the Gospel

The family asked me to preach Adwoa’s funeral. Over 300 were in attendance, and they listened so well. The response to the Gospel was great. My invitation was very specific and pointed. A minimum of 30 raised their hands to indicate they were wrong about what they had been trusting for salvation but were deciding that morning to trust Jesus as their only hope for Heaven.

Later that day I was at the market near our home. A vegetable seller stopped me. This lady named Rhoda told me that she had been at the funeral that morning and had heard me preach. I asked what I preached, and she said “John 3:16!” After asking Rhoda a few follow-up questions, I walked away encouraged that she had understood the message! Oliver Frimpong, Adwoa’s son, has attended our church several times; pray that he would become a faithful member.
Keep praying for our Common Faith Sunday School Class and for the work in Adankwame.

Five of the new HACWA students in 2015

Five of the new HACWA students in 2015

New Students

I thank the Lord for sending us new Bible college students this year. Five of them are pictured on the right. Please pray for them and for God to send us more like them.

Thank you for praying for our family and the work here.

Michael, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben

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