Mike Sarver Prayer Letter: Preaching in the ShadeOne of our Ghanaian families wrote us a thoughtful note recently: “It has always been a great joy to us to know that some people cared enough to leave their country, family, friends, and loved ones, so that one day we will be able to be with our Creator. Thanks for being faithful to this ministry and for your love for God.” Please let us share that thanks with you; thank you for giving and praying so that we can keep serving here in Ghana.

Bernard’s Father

Bernard came to our soul-winning meeting on Saturday and asked me to go preach the Gospel to his father. I have written about Bernard before. He is an influential shop owner in the village of Adankwame. He has led many from Adankwame to visit and join our church. (He also named one of his sons Michael Sarver.) My son John, my translator Julius, Bernard, and Peter loaded up my SUV and headed to Adankwame. This was Peter’s first time going soul winning with us. I have written about Peter too. He and his wife Alice just got baptized, and they plan to join our church this coming Sunday.

Witnessing in the Shade

When we arrived in Adankwame, we found Bernard’s father Alex waiting for us. Also with him were two of his friends, Kwaku and Akwasi. We all sat down on a couple of benches under some shade trees, and I started to preach the Gospel to them. Alex and Akwasi seemed to be listening well, but Kwaku kept looking everywhere but at me; I had to work hard to keep his attention. At the end, all three men prayed to put their faith in Christ; but when I questioned them, I discovered that Alex and Kwaku understood the message, but Akwasi did not. I went over the message again with Akwasi, but he still did not get it. I realized I needed to have someone go back and preach to him again.

Silent Partner

While I was witnessing, Julius translated, and Peter was the perfect silent partner. I had not instructed him to do so, but when distractions came up (like the neighborhood kids being too noisy), Peter got up, took care of it, and sat back down. Then after it was all over, Peter on his own told me that he would return to talk to Akwasi again very soon. Peter is very soft-spoken, but I can tell that he is passionate about the truth!

Prayer Requests

Pray for the men mentioned above. Also, please take time to pray for these married couples in my Common Faith Adult Class. They have such potential! Pray that God would open their eyes to His will: Bernard/Beatrice, Winston/Charity, Victor/Philomena, Michael/Mavis, Collins/Esther, Emmanuel/Josephine, Eric/Millicent, Peter/Alice, Michael/Gladys, David/Agatha, Oteng/Agatha, Jacob/Beatrice, Karikari/Adwoa, and Osei/Rhoda.

Your servants and His,

Michael, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben

Kwaku, Alex, Julius, and Peter