Mike Sarver Prayer Letter:  Praise the Lord for 50+ VisitorsSeptember 25 began our family’s 10th year here in Ghana. Please pray that Christ would be magnified through us for many more years to come.


Our Sunday school class member, Nana Asante, passed away back in July at the age of 83, and his funeral was held the first Saturday in September. The family asked our church to preach the funeral. About 130 were in the common area of the house where I preached, and others listened from outside; they listened very well. About 30 raised their hands, indicating that they were wrong about trusting their own goodness to save them and that they were now deciding to trust Christ alone for salvation. Praise the Lord!

Visitors’ Month

Each March and September, our church emphasizes bringing new visitors. This is much like the Spring and Fall Programs I became familiar with in the States. God blessed our Sunday school class with over 50 visitors; 14 different class members brought at least 1 visitor! I was so pleased that my convert, Ben Darkwah, brought 5 first-time visitors. Maria had 4 visitors also! One of the 4 told Maria the day before she visited, “I am going to start coming to your church because of the truth you shared with me today!” Many of these visitors were saved, and several were baptized.


If you saw our family-update video, then you met my class member and college student Peter. He has been such an encouragement to me. He goes soul winning with me on Saturdays. He is so zealous that I get a good workout as we walk between visits. For 12 years, he has worked as a door-to-door salesman, selling pots and pans; he has walked all over the area within a mile of our church property. He is often taking me to witness to some of his customers. On a recent Saturday, he introduced me to a couple, Solomon and Rina. I won them to Christ, and they came to church in September. Their neighbor Mary also came. (In picture, from left to right, Peter, Rina, Mary, Mary’s daughter, Solomon, and I)

Prayer Requests

Pray that some of Nana Asante’s family would start attending our church on a regular basis. Pray that God would help our 50+ recent Sunday school visitors to know His will and do it. Also, a continual prayer request of ours is that God would send to our Bible college the right students for us to train. We thank God for the 5 new students He sent us in September.

Your servants and His,

Michael, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben