Mike Sarver Prayer Letter: People With a Heart for GodMy family is very blessed to be able to serve here in Ghana. We are thankful for our pastor and fellow missionary, Ted Speer, who is a soul winner, a faithful Bible teacher and a long-time friend. We are also thankful to serve in this country. So many Ghanaians are like Cornelius in Acts 10, in that, they have a heart for God even before they understand the Gospel!

Peter and Family

Peter and Family


Last month I wrote about Peter. He came to our church property in early August to inquire about our Bible college. At that time I was able to win him to Christ. Since then he has attended our Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference, and he enrolled in our Bible college earlier this month.

Also, I met with him a week ago and taught him about eternal security and the purpose of works. At that time we set an appointment for us to witness to his wife Alice. Otchere Boachie, one of our college students, and I went to their home last Thursday. Otchere preached the Gospel to Alice in Twi while I took Peter through one of our discipleship booklets. I thank God that Alice trusted Christ.

Then I was so pleased that this past Sunday, Peter and Alice came to church with their four precious children. Peter was baptized. Please pray for this dear family to grow in the Lord.

Julius Bartuah

Julius Bartuah


Several months ago one of our staff men, Rancy Harris, came to me and asked me to disciple his nephew, Julius Bartuah. Rancy had won Julius to Christ and brought him to our church. Julius and I meet each week to talk, pray, and work through our church’s discipleship curriculum. Julius has enrolled in our Bible college and goes soul winning with me and my son John each Saturday.

Julius is becoming an effective soul winner. He has gone through our church’s training program, and he has listened to me preach the Gospel many times. Now we are at the stage where if we meet someone who speaks good English, he preaches the Gospel, and I just listen in and coach him along the way. This past Saturday he was able to win the son of one of my Sunday school class members who is now with the Lord.


We have been praying for more college students; God sent us four new students this month. Also, September was our church’s Fall Program or “visitor emphasis.” God blessed our Common Faith Sunday School Class with 25 visitors. Now we need your prayers as we follow up on these visitors.

Your servants and His,

Michael, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben