Mike Sarver Prayer Letter:  New Couple Joins ChurchNew Couple

SarverWinston and his wife Charity visited our church for the first time in December. During the invitation a soul winner from my Common Faith Sunday School Class was able to win Winston and Charity to Christ. Later that week staff member Isaac and I went to visit this couple. We found that they understood the Gospel and planned to make our church their church. On the first Sunday in January, they were both baptized, and the on the second Sunday, Winston and Charity joined our church. Winston has also gone soul winning with me several times; yesterday we won 2 teenagers to Christ. I believe God has great plans for this couple.

“Brethren, Pray for Us.”

Pastor Isaac Otwey is both a student at our college and a faculty member at the same time. He recently preached a sermon in college chapel about praying for those in the ministry. He showed us many verses in Paul’s epistles in which Paul requested prayer for his ministry. He gave the illustration of a former college student, Hek Gli, whom he had contacted recently. He found out that one reason Hek had not been coming to college was that he was struggling with kidney stones. Hek was in need of our prayers, and he was so encouraged to hear from Pastor Otwey. Those in the ministry need your prayers. Church member, pray for your pastor! Those of us in the ministry need to pray constantly for each other!

Prayer Requests

• Many of you know already that Maria is expecting a baby boy. Please pray for a safe and healthy delivery.
• Pray the power situation improves here in Ghana. Right now the power stays on for 6 or 12 hours, and then it goes off for 6 or 12 hours. Think about how the lack of electricity affects the entire country: schools, food storage, traffic, businesses, healthcare, sleeping in the heat. I thank God for providing our generators, but the increased need for generator fuel is a financial drag to our ministry.
• Pray for Winston and Charity to be firmly established in the faith.
• Pray for Hek Gli and other college students like him to be filled with the knowledge of God’s will. Pray for God to send us disciples to train. Two men spoke to me at church today about joining our Bible college.
• Just yesterday I found out that one of my Common Faith class members, Cynthia Nkrumah, passed away Friday night. She was just 24 years old, and she left behind two young children. Pray for her family to be comforted with the Gospel.
• Of course, please pray specifically for God to use our family. “Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you.” (II Thessalonians 3:1)

Your servant and His,

Michael Sarver