Mike Sarver Prayer Letter: Much for Which to Give ThanksNovember has been a great month for us. Joy turned seven, and Faith turned three. Our church, the Fundamental Baptist Church International, celebrated its 10th Anniversary. God blessed our Bible college with two new students—one a street preacher from the local area and one from Equatorial Guinea, an African country with Spanish as the official language! Then our family celebrated Thanksgiving with our fellow team missionaries: the Speers and Dave Sarabia and also the Acrees, another Baptist missionary family serving here in Kumasi. Late in the day, we did a video call with family, which was amazing and fun.


Last month I took Joy to Accra for a checkup for her epilepsy. I told the technician in advance that I wanted to have a Bible study with him after the EEG. He agreed and even brought his nephew. So after the test, we studied the Bible way to Heaven for over an hour, and both men realized their need to put their faith in Christ alone for salvation. Amen! I am now sending both men our FBCI sermons through WhatsApp on a regular basis. And the results of Joy’s test revealed no seizure activity. This makes us hopeful that the Lord is healing Joy, but she will stay on her medicine and have a checkup with her neurologist when we are back in the States next year.


This past Saturday a funeral was being held close to the church, but they had no one to preach the funeral. Pastor Speer gave me the opportunity to go and preach. About 100 people were in attendance. They listened well to the Gospel, and about 20 raised their hands indicating their new faith in Christ. Also, my class member Yaw Appiah passed away in October. I attended his “one-week celebration,” which is a family gathering where they decide the funeral details. There I met Timothy, who expressed interest in attending our church. I visited Timothy in his home and preached the Gospel him and his girlfriend Elizabeth. They both trusted Christ and came to church the next day. Pray they follow the Lord in baptism. By the way, Yaw Appiah’s funeral will not be held until January 28! His body will be held in the mortuary until then. Amazingly, for there to be many weeks in between the death and the funeral is very common in Ghana.

A Friend Saved

There is a man in Tema who has helped us clear containers of Bibles and other things through the port. His company has done this clearing work for us pro bono! Last week we sent our staff man, Richmond Acheampong, down to meet with him and give him a small gift to express our gratitude. Brother Richmond also won him to Christ! This man was so happy about the message of salvation and the visit that he called me while Brother Richmond was still in his office. He was bubbling over with joy!

Michael, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben