Mike Sarver Prayer Letter: Miraculously SparedWe are still under the restrictions I mentioned in last month’s prayer letter; but souls are still being saved, God is still bringing visitors to our church, and converts are being discipled.


Several years ago, Joy was visiting with me. She was six or younger at the time. I turned around, and Joy was not following me! I found her several steps behind, being lifted to the sky by a woman we did not know. I was perturbed and told the lady, “Dabi! Dabi! Dabi!” (Dabi! means “No!” in the native tongue.) The woman named Dufie put Joy down but did not appreciate my correction. She said, “Dabi! Dabi! Dabi!? Oh, I will not be going to YOUR church!” I started visiting Dufie on occasion, and we thank the Lord that she has visited our church a couple of times. She is normally busy selling porridge, but on a recent Saturday, she made time to hear the Gospel and was sweetly saved. My five-year-old Ben was with me; Dufie did not try to pick him up. 😉


In our May letter, Maria wrote that she had won a young lady named Patience the first time she went out soul winning after the stay-at-home order was lifted. Maria has continued to visit Patience and has been discipling her. And yesterday, Patience came to our church for the very first time. Maria’s recent convert, Nana Antwi, came to church for the first time as well.


Sammy is one of the most likable people I have ever met! We first met when I stopped by his cell phone and accessory kiosk by the side of the road; I think that was in 2018. In April 2019, a dump truck lost control of its brakes and plowed through his kiosk while Sammy was in the shop! The shop was totaled, but Sammy was miraculously spared, with just a few bruises and a serious cut on his leg. I visited him in his home shortly after the accident and shared the Gospel with him.

Sammy has such an indomitable spirit that he is back in business! I have been visiting him regularly over the last year. Several months ago, I asked Sammy about his salvation again and found that he was still thinking his good works could save him. I shared the Gospel with him again, and he trusted Christ alone for salvation. Every week now, I meet with Sammy, pray with him, and study the Bible with him. He has made it through our first three discipleship booklets. I am praying for his wife’s salvation and that God would work in his heart to join our church.

Prayer Requests

Please pray that these converts would grow in grace and for the restrictions on our church to be lifted.

Thank you for your love for us and for the work of God!

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben Sarver