Mike Sarver Prayer Letter: How God Has Worked in One FamilyThis timeline shows how God has worked in the lives of one Ghanaian family recently:
Saturday, March 24 – My son John and I met Samuel Amponsah, age 20, and invited him to church.
Sunday, March 25 – Samuel came to our church for the first time and was saved and baptized.
Wednesday, March 28 – Samuel brought his brother Francis and friend Emmanuel to church.
Saturday, March 31 – I met Samuel’s father Dennis and won him, Francis, and Emmanuel to Christ.
Sunday, April 1 (Easter) – Samuel and Francis came to church again. Their father Dennis traveled to a different region (state) to work.
Sunday, April 8 – Samuel’s mother Safia came to church for the first time and was saved.
Sunday, April 15 – Samuel, Francis, and Safia were back in church.
Friday, April 27 – Samuel’s father Dennis was in an accident at work, which paralyzed him from the waist down. Needed surgery was estimated at $3,900—astronomical compared to the family’s means.
Friday, May 18 – Dennis and Safia’s extended families offered promises but no definite help. Upon the suggestion of a friend, we launched a GoFundMe on behalf of the family. Funds started coming in.
Saturday, May 26 – I met Dennis’ son Terry. He had been away at a boarding school but came back home due to his father’s accident; he trusted Christ. I also met Dennis’ aunt Grace.
Sunday, May 27 – Grace came to church for the first time and was saved. Safia was baptized. Dennis’ daughter Sarah also came for the first time.
Wednesday, May 30 – God used the compassion of many to achieve our GoFundMe goal!
Saturday, June 2 – I won Sarah to Christ. On the same day, John led their neighbor Nancy to the Lord.
Sunday, June 3 – Safia’s friend Christiana came to church and got saved. Safia and Christiana met because their husbands’ hospital beds are side-by-side.
Friday, June 15 – We paid the money for the surgery on June 4, but due to technical problems at the hospital, the surgery was not held until this date.
Saturday, June 16 – John won Dennis’ daughter Janet to Christ.
Sunday, June 17 – Sarah and Janet got baptized. Sarah brought to church a friend named Mary, who got saved.
Now – Dennis still needs to heal, and I believe therapy will be next. Praise the Lord for what He has done for this family and for what He will do! Any additional funds that come in through GoFundMe.com/HelpDennisWalkAgain will help the family with Dennis’ recovery. Thank you for praying for this family!

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben Sarver