Mike Sarver Prayer Letter:  A Couple With Their Focus on ChristOn January 21, Osei Mensah Agyemang and Mavis Adusah were married at our church. For our letter this month, I asked this very special couple to give their testimonies.


I was led to Christ by Mrs. Virginia Carter on 11 April 2007. I visited the church the following Sunday and was baptized. That first day at the church was amazing. I found myself loving everything about the church because it is so different from most churches in Ghana; the music is not too loud, no one speaks in tongues, and everything is decent and in order. I felt so welcomed and loved at Fundamental Baptist; there was no place I wanted to be but at this church.

In 2008, I started attending Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa, our church’s Bible college. It was not an easy decision, and it was definitely not an easy journey, but God saw me through.

Mrs. Sarver has been my inspiration. She has influenced me in many ways. She has made herself available for me any time I needed someone to talk to. She tells me what I need to hear, helps me with my decisions, and, if need be, straightens me out. She has shown me love and acceptance. I am so thankful that God has allowed her to be a part of my life. She is a great Christian and a great friend.


Pastor Rexford Aning met me in front of my house in 2011 and shared the Gospel with me. It was something I had never heard before—salvation by faith in Jesus alone! Pastor Rexford invited me to a program the next evening. At the meeting he showed me verses from the Bible about baptism, and I obeyed the Lord. He kept visiting me and teaching me more about the Bible. However, after about a year, I dropped out of church.

But in late 2014, the Holy Spirit reminded me of Christ’s goodness toward me even though I had not been the child that I was supposed to be. I started going to church again, but this time I prayerfully made the decision to stay in church. As I was being faithful to church, Mavis got my attention through her dedication to the ministry. After a year and some months of dating her, we got engaged! The Lord has blessed me with a beautiful wife.

We will stay under the umbrella of the Lord for the rest of our lives. In our new neighborhood, many have not heard the Gospel. Our prayer is to begin reaching out to them.

Prayer Requests

Pray for God to use Osei and Mavis for His glory! Amen!

Your servants and His,

Michael, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben

Osei and Mavis

Mike and Maria Sarver with Osei and Mavis Agyemang at their traditional wedding