Mike Sarver Prayer Letter:  A New Class, a New Name, and a New Convert BaptizedWe thank God for the blessings He allows us to experience as we serve Him. Here are a few recent ones:

A New Sunday School Class

For nearly five years, I had the privilege of serving with Brother Otchere Boachie in my adult Sunday school class. He won many of our visitors to Christ, many of whom he himself had brought to church. At the beginning of September, he started the Life Changers Adult Class. He shared this picture and testimony on his Facebook page recently: “I thank God for His grace and love for my Sunday school class. Gifty Naboayiri in the white and black dress is my convert who joined our church last Sunday. This Sunday she brought two visitors, Cecilia and Benedicta, and they got saved.” Please pray for Brother Otchere and his new class.

A New Name

I have written about my paralyzed convert Dennis many times in these prayer letters. His daughter Sarah gave birth recently. Sarah invited me to be a part of the baby’s naming ceremony. This is a Ghanaian tradition in which the family hosts a get-together several weeks after the baby is born to officially announce the name of the child. Until then, the baby may just be referred to by its “day-of-the-week” name. (As a boy born on a Tuesday, Sarah’s child’s day-of-the-week name is Kwabena.) Often the family invites a pastor to be a part of this ceremony and pray for the baby and family. The family also asked us to share the Gospel with those in attendance.

Maria and John accompanied me to the ceremony, as well as our team leader, Pastor Ted Speer, and several other soul winners from our church. After the ceremony, each soul winner witnessed to one or two of the guests. Pastor Speer won the child’s father to Christ. Maria won an aunt to Christ. I won a neighbor, and the other soul winners each won one or two to Christ. By my count, at least ten professed faith in Christ that morning. Oh, the name of the baby? Drum roll, please . . . STEPHEN TWUM OBINIM. Please pray for Dennis to be healed, for his family’s spiritual growth, and for God to provide for them financially.

A New Convert Baptized

Maria’s convert Patience has been coming to our church services faithfully and has been going through the discipleship curriculum with Maria. We praise God that Patience requested baptism and was recently baptized during an evening service. Please pray for her continued growth in grace. Pray for the same for my converts Sammy and his wife Joyce.

Your servants and His,

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben Sarver