Mike Sarver Prayer Letter:  A Muslim Young Man Trusts ChristSoul winning is always a major part of our work here in Ghana. This month, I wanted to share with you a few recent soul-winning experiences.

No Time for the Gospel

Joyce Owusu allowed me to share the Gospel with her. Her family has a kiosk for selling soft drinks, water, snacks, soap, and other household provisions. John and I bought water and proceeded to witness to her. After about an hour, she trusted Christ. Her husband, Akowuah Owusu, on the other hand, has always been too busy to listen to the Gospel. As we were leaving that day, we saw Akowuah working in his backyard. I asked him if he had time for me to show him what the Bible says about going to Heaven. He said, “No,” because he was picking litter out of his yard. I volunteered my son John and my other soul-winning partner Derrick to pick up the trash if he would let me talk to him. He kindly refused and said that when he listened to preaching, it needed to be short because he got sleepy after about 20 minutes. As we walked away, I thought to myself that this man was in danger of hellfire, because he would not make time to hear the Gospel.

Two weeks later after winning a man named Prince to Christ, we stopped by the Owusus’ kiosk again for water right before heading home for lunch. This was around 12:45 p.m. Akowuah said he was watching the shop because his wife had traveled. In spite of being hot, tired, and hungry, I asked Akowuah if he had time for a Bible study, somewhat hoping he would refuse so we could go on our way. (No soul winner reading this has ever had those thoughts, right?) I was shocked when he said, “Why not?” Before I preached the Gospel to Akowuah, I had John call Maria to let her know the rest of the family should go ahead with lunch. Akowuah stayed alert far past 20 minutes and trusted Christ at the end. Amen.

A Muslim Trusting Christ

This past Saturday, I visited the home of my paralyzed convert Dennis (Gofundme.com/HelpDennisWalkAgain). Before leaving, I noticed a young man sitting outside Dennis’ home. I asked him his name. He responded, “Hafiz.” I asked if I could teach him something from the Bible. He looked hesitant and said, “No, I am a Muslim.” So I responded, “God loves you too. He wants you to know how to go to Heaven. Could I show you?” Hafiz said, “Yes.” I sat down, and after about an hour, Hafiz prayed to put his faith in Christ alone for salvation. Praise the Lord that Hafiz accepted the Bible as true; he even knew John 3:16. God had prepared this 20-year-old’s heart for salvation! As it turns out, this young man is Dennis’ nephew. I won his sister Rakia to Christ a few months ago.

Prayer Requests

Pray for Joyce, Prince, Akowuah, and Hafiz to grow in grace. Please pray also for Dennis’ healing and for God to continue to provide financially for his family. John, Derrick, and I invited Grace to church a few weeks ago. She came again yesterday, this time with her sister Hannah; they both responded at the invitation time to hear the Gospel. Pray for their growth as well. Thank you for supporting our work!

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben