Mike Sarver Prayer Letter: A Great EncouragementBack in Ghana!

Our two months in the States were refreshing and helpful. It was a huge blessing to be with our families and friends and supporting churches. People are so kind. We miss our families immensely; departing was not without many tears. Still, we are so glad to be back home and back to the work in Ghana! Just days after we returned, our church hosted our 13th Annual Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference. It was a great success, with nearly 500 registered delegates. (You can read about it here: tinyurl.com/TeamGhanaSept2019.)

Souls Saved

While I was in the States, I was happy to stay in touch with one of my converts, Patrice. He has been a great encouragement to me. I have written briefly about his growth in grace in several updates. John and I invited Patrice to church in March 2018. He trusted Christ in Sunday school the first time he visited. He has not missed a Sunday morning since that time. Soon he started attending the evening services and has been extremely faithful. He sits on the front row and listens intently to the teaching and preaching.

Then back in April of this year, Patrice started going soul winning with me and my class member Samson on Saturdays. We won several to Christ and had several visitors in April and May before I left for the States. While I was in the States, Patrice and Samson continued soul winning. Some of their recent converts are labeled in the pictures below. (Patrice is on the left in each picture. You will find Samson in some of the pictures.)

Prayer Requests

If you will, please pray for these converts to know God’s will and then do it. Pray for God to continue to use Patrice, Samson, and our family to win many souls to Christ here in Ghana. Also, this month is “Visitor-Emphasis Month” at our church. After averaging 100 in August, our Sunday school class had 9 visitors yesterday for a total attendance of 111 adults. Pray that we have many visitors this month who will trust Christ and decide to make our church their church.

Your servants and His,

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, & Ben Sarver