Mike Sarver Prayer Letter: A Great CoupleWhat a blessing it is to see fruit that remains. Maria and I have been privileged to have had a small part in the lives of a great couple—Kingsley and Lydia Addai. Let me tell you about them.


In my June 2012 prayer letter, I wrote “Our June classes at Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa started. God blessed us with three new students—Kingsley, Nicholas, and Frederick.” Kingsley inquired about our college as an unsaved, single man. He testifies, “Before I came, I was attending a Charismatic church, and I had been taught that going to church and doing good works would get me to Heaven. [At Hyles-Anderson], I heard that salvation is by faith alone in Christ. I didn’t believe that day, but I made my own research and found this church was teaching what the Bible teaches, so I chose to believe what the Bible says.” I was privileged to have Kingsley in some Bible and English classes, as well as a leadership and an education class.

After Brother Kingsley received his bachelor’s degree from our Bible college in February 2018, I wrote this about him, “He has brought new energy to our school ministry and has started our ‘information center’ ministry…Brother Kingsley organizes our staff and church members to preach over the intercoms in two local neighborhoods. He has a desire to one day start a church.” Our information center ministry continues to grow!


In 2014, Lydia was house help for her aunt, Margaret Peprah. Her aunt attended and still attends our Common Faith Adult Sunday School Class. On several occasions as I visited Margaret, I would invite Lydia to visit our church. Later we found out that Lydia was hesitant to come to our church because she preferred a church with drumming and dancing. But in April 2014, she attended our class for the first time and soon started attending every week. I remember asking her about her salvation at the invitation one day and used the Scriptures to help clarify in Lydia’s mind that salvation is by faith and not by works. She was baptized in June 2014.

In our April 2015 prayer letter, I wrote, “Lydia has attended our church very faithfully since she was saved and baptized about a year ago. Recently, she decided to officially become a member. She also has been coming to more of the evening services, and she has started coming for Saturday soul winning.” Lydia would start teaching a teenage girls’ class and would start working for our Christian school.

Fundamental Baptist Church of Mamponteng

Kingsley and Lydia were married in August 2016, and they now have two precious daughters, Elizabeth and Lindsey. Last year Kingsley did indeed start a church! Please see fbmi.org/mpg/Mamponteng. Please pray that God would continue to bless their marriage and ministry and this new church in Mamponteng. They are in great need of a church building to meet in.

Your servants and His,

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben Sarver