Mike Sarver Prayer Letter:  A Father's Day GiftAs of June 28, Maria and I have been married for 12 wonderful years. We are very happy about how far God has brought us in His will. We sincerely appreciate our parents and other godly leaders who have invested in us along the way. And on July 6, John, our oldest child, will turn 10! God has been so good to us.

HACWA Students Receive Books

HACWA students receive a new book to add to their libraries

Books for Pastors and College Students

A friend contacted me and let me know that his family wanted to make a donation towards our ministry. With advice from my pastor, Dr. Ted Speer, we decided that purchasing books for our Bible college students would be an excellent investment. I was very happy to distribute these books to our college students a few weeks ago. I was blessed as well to be able to teach in June a class on the life of Christ. I thank God for sending us several excellent new students recently; pray with us that He continues to send us men and women to train for His work.

Albert Addo and Two Daughters at FBCI Kumasi

Albert with his daughters Ama and Adwoa

A Father’s Day Present

Albert Addo is 86 years old, yet he has not missed Sunday school for 3½ years. Recently his health worsened; he still came to church but could not perform his usual job of distributing our Sunday school class tithe envelopes. The next Sunday was Father’s Day, and Albert was feeling better. His two daughters, Ama and Adwoa, told him that they did not have money to buy a gift, so their present to him would be to visit his church. After the morning service, soul winners shared with Albert’s daughters the Gospel. Ama, the eldest, received Christ, but Adwoa remained convinced that she had to keep the Ten Commandments to be saved. Please pray these ladies come again and that Adwoa would get saved. Pray also for more soul winners in our Common Faith Sunday School Class.

Prayer Requests

• In addition to the requests mentioned above, could I ask you to pray for my father? He has been struggling with atrial fibrillation. Thankfully, he had heart surgery on July 1 to help correct this problem. Please pray that the surgery will prove successful.
• Also, we still have not received Ben’s official birth certificate from Accra. We need this in order to apply for his U.S. Certificate of Birth Abroad and his U.S. passport. Please pray that we get this important document soon.

Thank you for reading and thank you for praying!

Michael, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben

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