Mike and Maria Sarver Prayer Letter: Three Recent GraduatesAs promised last month, I would like to give you an update on our Bible college.


On the Sunday after our Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference, we held a graduation for three of our college men. All three had enrolled in our college in 2017. All three were in our Faithful Men program. This means they lived on our church campus. One week per month, they attend college classes. The other three or four weeks per month, they work for our church (somewhat like “Work Scholarship”), attend our staff meetings, advance their English skills, and participate in outreach ministries. A short biography of each of these recent graduates follows.

• Michael Naab

Michael was reached by our daughter church in Kunsu. As he grew in the Lord, his pastor encouraged him to enroll in this college. He has been very involved in our bus ministry, market ministry, and school ministries. He has been a leader in our Faithful Men program. Now on the weekends, Michael is assisting interim pastor, Otchere Boachie, at Michael’s home church, the Fundamental Baptist Church of Kunsu. Michael is dating seriously and hopes to be used of God to start a church one day.

• David Brooks

David is from the country of Sierra Leone. Our graduate, Pastor George Menyon, recommended our Bible college to him. While in our college, he worked on a bus route in Achiase, a nearby village. His dream one day is to start a ministry to help orphans and needy children. For the next several months, Brother David will continue to serve on our church staff.

• Samuel Mehn

Samuel is from Liberia. Samuel learned of our Bible college through the recommendation of Pastor James Vaye. Here, Samuel was a preacher for our information center ministry. He was very involved in our choir and in special music groups. I was privileged to have Samuel work in my office. In addition to learning Microsoft Word and Excel, he assisted in our church finance office. He has now returned to assist our graduate, Pastor George Menyon, in Liberia.

New Students

We regularly pray for God to send us the students He wants us to have, so we thank Him again for the three who enrolled while I was in the States. And then this week, two more new students enrolled! Praise the Lord!

Prayer Requests

Please pray for these graduates to know God’s will and do it. We always appreciate your prayers for our recent converts, disciples, and our Sunday school class. Pray for our kids. They started back to school last week.

Your servants and His!

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, & Ben