Mike and Maria Sarver Prayer Letter: Thanking God for 15 Years in Ghana!As of September 25, our family has been serving in Ghana for 15 years. We thank God for His faithfulness, and we thank you for yours! What a blessing it has been to serve the Lord alongside the Speer family and our other fellow missionaries, as well as with the believers here in West Africa who have decided to follow Christ.

Bible College

This week I am enjoying teaching e-Sword in our Bible college. My students are Dickson, Victor, and Daniel, who are in our “Faithful Men” program; they live on our church property and serve as junior staff members while pursuing their degrees. Also in my class are Pastor Joshua Haruna and Pastor Isaac Owusu Ansah. Assisting me this week has been Pastor Isaac Ebo Otwey. These are good men doing a great work for God.

Soul Winning

One of the joys of soul winning is with whom you go soul winning.

Maria and I visited a class member who had recently given birth; while there, I was able to win a man named Samson to Christ.
Pastor John Baidoo came for Bible college and stayed over an extra day for soul winning; that morning, I witnessed to a man named Theophilus. Then in the afternoon, Pastor Baidoo joined me again as I visited a fruit seller named Augustine; Augustine made the decision to trust Christ alone for his salvation.
• The following week, my daughter Joy and I went to the local market to witness to a young lady named Jessica. Joy did a great job of sharing the Gospel, and Jessica readily trusted Christ alone for salvation.
• The following Saturday, our college graduate and our class member, Moses Amankwah, went soul winning with me. When we arrived in our area, one of our teens named Prince asked us to preach to his friend named Felicity. Praise the Lord, Brother Moses was able to win Felicity to Christ.
• This past Friday, a man named Percy came to my office to promote the financial and technical services provided by his company. After his presentation, he allowed me to share the Gospel with him. Of course, Jesus was with us as Percy called upon His name for salvation!
• Saturday, Julius Bartuah, our staff member and my class member, joined me for soul winning. Brother Moses was with us as well. I enjoyed listening to Brother Moses witness to a young lady named Latifa and Brother Julius preach to a man named James. We thank God that James came to church Sunday for the first time!

Prayer Requests

Pray for us as we follow up on these precious souls. We thank the Lord for Felicia, Cecilia, and Thomas who have visited our church several times recently and have trusted Christ. We pray for their growth in grace. From October 21-31, our team will be working with Truth for Today Medical Missions to hold medical clinics for six of our daughter churches; please pray for strength for the workers and for many souls to be saved and added to these daughter churches.

Thank you for believing in us!

Mike, Maria, Joy, Faith, & Ben Sarver