Mike and Maria Sarver Prayer Letter: Teaching and PreachingOur family is blessed to be able to serve the Lord here in Ghana. Thank you for believing in us.


One day as our son was walking home, he handed a tract to a young man. Later that day, this young man named Ben stopped by our home, asking for John. John spent the next hour or so sharing the Gospel with him. When John came back in the house, I asked John if he had gotten Ben’s contact information. He had not, so John ran out to catch up to him. Ben had gotten a pretty good ways away, but John caught up to him and got his phone number. Ben came to church the next day! I thank God for using my son in this way. Pray for Ben to keep coming to church and to grow in the Lord.


On Sunday, February 6, one of my class members approached me, asking me if I would preach the funeral for one of her neighbors. Her neighbor, Abena Gyamfuaa, had just passed away two days earlier. She was only 40. Abena was the mother of one of our church’s teenagers, Michael Frimpong. On Thursday, February 10, I went to the funeral with Michael’s bus captain, Stephen Opoku, and our staff member, Peter Frimpong. I preached the Gospel, and Brother Stephen translated. The crowd of over 100 listened well. At least 20 raised their hands to indicate their decisions to trust Christ alone for salvation. Four family members visited church the next day. Please pray for God to comfort the family and to make His will known to Michael.

Pastor John

My classes in Bible college have been very enjoyable these past two months. I taught “Making a Budget” and then “The Seven Laws of Teaching.” The truths are so helpful, and the students gladly received them. Also, one of our newer students, Pastor John Baidoo, pastors in a different region (state). He travels here one week per month for training. He asked me if he could stay an extra night so that he could go soul winning with us the next day.

Pastor Baidoo (far right in picture) joined me, my soul-winning partner Patrice, and my son Ben. We followed up on Daniella who had trusted Christ the week before. She still understood the Gospel, but we helped her understand better our motivation for obeying God once we are saved. Then with Pastor Baidoo observing, Patrice and I won to Christ a young man named Bismark (second from left in picture). Pray for Daniella and Bismark to grow in grace. Pray for Pastor Baidoo as he puts into practice what he learns at our Bible college.

Prayer Requests

Our church needs to extend its lease for another 50 years. The initial estimate for this is $350,000-plus. Details are available at http://tinyurl.com/TeamGhanaLease. God is able!

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, & Ben Sarver

FBMI Missionary Mike Sarver Prayer Letter Picture

Soul Winning with Pastor Baidoo