thumbnail of Mike Sarver August 2021 Prayer LetterAfter a successful Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference, plus a Bible college graduation last Sunday night, our family is happy to get back to more of a routine schedule. We thank God for His work in our lives and ministry. We plan to give you an update on our Bible college next month.

Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference

We are praising the Lord that our church was able to host this conference once again. In 2020, we had to limit the attendance to our conference to just senior pastors and a limited number of their assistants due to COVID. We are thankful that, although the attendance was not as high as before COVID, hundreds of delegates from all over Ghana and several from other countries in West Africa attended. Many of our church members got involved in our conference in different ways.

Teaching on Marriage

The instruction was powerful. Most of the preaching and teaching was done by Missionary Ted Speer (our pastor and team leader) and by our guest speaker, Pastor John Wilkerson of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. Maria and I were also blessed to have opportunities to speak. Our son John helped with the children’s program, which was conducted concurrently with the conference.

Recent Converts and Disciples

Before our family left on our furlough, I was discipling a man named Franklin. I am thankful that while we were in the States, my co-laborer, Peter Frimpong, was able to help Franklin finish our curriculum. Franklin has been attending all our services and came soul winning with us for the first time yesterday.

Maria’s visitor, whom I mentioned in last month’s letter, is named Rachel (which here is pronounced Ra’-hel). She was baptized recently, has been coming to every service, including all the sessions of our conference, and she joined the church today!

Prayer Requests

A man named Albert started attending our church recently, and he has agreed to start meeting me for discipleship. Pray for Albert, Franklin, and Rachel to continue growing in grace. Also, please pray for our conference to have lasting results in hundreds of marriages.

Your servants and His!

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, & Ben

Missionary and a convertt

Missionary Maria Sarver with her visitor Rachel

church members

These church members volunteered to greet delegates to the 2021 Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference held by the Fundamental Baptist Church International of Kumasi, Ghana, which was held August 10-13, 2021.