Mike and Maria Sarver Prayer Letter: Our Annual ConferenceWe thank God for the variety of ways He allows our family to serve through the ministry of Team Ghana.

Our Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference is held the second week of each August. We had a tremendous conference this year. Our theme was “Exploring Music.” Delegates came from all over Ghana and even from several other countries in West Africa. Our attendance was greater this year than last.

Normally during our conference, my wife and I are busy hosting one or more guests from the States. However, this year, due to Ghana’s COVID vaccine requirement, we could not invite a guest speaker to join us. Our team missionaries and Ghanaian staff did the teaching and preaching this year. My team leader and pastor, Brother Ted Speer, gave me the great opportunity to teach some of the sessions on music and to preach one of the evening services! The weeks before the conference, my time was filled with hours of research and lesson preparation. Maria was glad to be involved in the ladies’ conference and to teach one of their sessions.

I was very pleased with my Sunday school class members’ participation in the conference. Many of them attended a work day, getting our property ready for the conference. Then many came for the evening services; some also attended the day sessions. My soul-winning partner Patrice translated for me as I taught a session on “How to Grow Your Church.”

In my May letter, I wrote about Zariah and Egina, the sisters of Ali, who attends Hope Fundamental Baptist Church for the Deaf. (Missionary Rocky Hall helped us make this contact.) Gladys–Zariah, Egina, and Ali’s mother–came once back on Easter Sunday, but then recently she came three Sundays in a row! Gladys also came to our conference. I was also told that their father came to our church for the first time during the conference! And then, some additional exciting news—Egina gave birth to twins last Friday! God blessed her with a boy and a girl. Pray for Egina and these little ones.

Prayer Requests

September is “Visitors-Emphasis Month” at our church, so pray for our members to be extra diligent to invite others to our church during the month. We have had over 100 adults in Sunday school for the last 9 weeks in a row, which is a record; pray that God continues to bless. Pray for Maria’s visitor Victoria, who was baptized this past Sunday. We pray for many others like her to come in September.

Thank you for believing in us!

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, & Ben Sarver