Mike and Maria Sarver Prayer Letter: Opportunities for Our Entire FamilyLast month, I wrote that John and Joy would be involved in SMITE camp, which is a program to train young people how to conduct evangelistic Bible Clubs for children. In the afternoons, John was a Bible Club leader, and Joy assisted in one of the other clubs. Faith and Ben were able to join in the fun by attending a club that was held in our neighborhood. Here are pictures of our kids involved in these clubs:

Good News

The pictures below depict some great things going on in our ministry recently. From left to right:
• Maria was able to successfully teach Ben kindergarten. Now Ben has joined his brother and sisters at our Fundamental Baptist Academy, and Maria has begun working in the Christian school two days per week. She very much enjoys helping our FBA students with their studies.
• When I first met Zaria and Egina, they said they would only come to our church for a visit. Praise the Lord that after being saved and baptized, they have now joined the church!
Evelyn and Eunice are sisters that Brother Patrice and I invited to church weeks ago. They have attended our church several times now. This past Saturday, I was able to share the Gospel with them. I believe they understood the truth. Pray for them to be firmly established in the faith.
• Ben was the ring bearer for the wedding of Michael Naab and Cynthia Anabila. Michael is a graduate of our Bible college, and Cynthia works in our Christian school. What a great young couple they are!

Please keep praying for the Sarvers and the work here in Ghana. Thank you for believing in us!

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, & Ben Sarver

Zaria and Egina (on right) with their mother Gladys

Maria Sarver with a student of Fundamental Baptist Academy

Joy Sarver helping share the Gospel with a Muslim child

John Sarver leading a Bible Club in Kumasi, Ghana

The Wedding Party of Michael and Cynthia Naab

Two sisters who were invited to church by Missionary Mike Sarver and his soul-winning partner, Patrice Asante.