Mike and Maria Sarver Prayer Letter: A Receptive PeopleAs I type this letter, Maria and I and our three youngest are back in Ghana, and our oldest son John is starting Bible college at Hyles-Anderson. We wish we could be in two places at once, but we are very pleased that John desires to serve God with his life. As I have requested several times, please pray for God to use this young man.

Zealous Young Men

This morning, I sat in our morning staff meeting and was thrilled to hear prayer requests from our college men who live on our church property as part of what we call our “Faithful Men” program. Their requests revealed their zeal for souls and their love for God and others. Leo requested prayer for the salvation of his father and Philemon for the salvation of his mother. Zlanner requested prayer for the kids and their parents that he works with on the bus route. Sylvester asked for wisdom about a new location for him and those who work with him to go and preach. I am privileged to serve these young men and others like them.

Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference

Earlier this month, we had several hundred delegates with us from Ghana and other countries of West Africa. Our theme was “How to Grow Your Church.” I was given the opportunity to preach on the grace of God in an evening service and to teach several sessions on growth during the day sessions. Maria taught in a ladies’ session; she and Joy sang in the choir, while Faith and Ben were in the children’s choir. Several delegates expressed to me their desire to further their training at our Bible college. Pray for the churches represented to grow in grace.

Soul Winning

People in Ghana are so receptive to the Gospel. Please pray for these whose names are in bold.

• This month, Maria and I visited a lady named Hagar, who has attended our church several times. However, she was still trusting in her good works. With my translator Patrice’s help, I was able to lead her to Christ.
• Maria won two young girls, Beatrice and Doris, who are neighbors to a class member we were visiting. At the same time, I preached the Gospel to a shopkeeper nearby named Ernest; I believe he got saved. Maria also witnessed to Godfred and Francis; she believes Godfred got saved, but Francis said he was not ready.
• I have also gone soul winning this month with Missionary Addai Darko Adams. He is a Ghanaian with a Muslim background. He surrendered to serve the Lord under the preaching of Missionary Charlie Vest. Brother Adams went to the Philippines for Bible college, graduated, and now has been sent by Philippine churches back to Ghana as a missionary. He will be working with Missionary Felix Armah in Accra. For several weeks, Brother Adams has been attending our church while visiting his family in Kumasi. Two Saturdays ago, we visited the home of our class member Maxwell. We were able to win Maxwell’s wife Agartha to Christ. Pray that she will visit our church.
• In addition to the above, I was recently able to win to Christ Nathanael and Patrick, two Bolt drivers. (Bolt is similar to Uber.) I posted testimonies about these two on Facebook. Also this month, Joy, Faith, and Ben have been participating in a Bible Club being held at the Speer family’s home.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Mike, Maria, Joy, Faith, & Ben Sarver

FBMI Missionary Mike Sarver Prayer Letter

Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference – FBCI Kumasi, Ghana – 2023