Mike and Maria Sarver Prayer Letter: A Great DecemberHappy New Year! We pray you and your church had a wonderful Christmas. Our family had a great December!

Christmas Program/Graduation

We thank God that our children get to attend Fundamental Baptist Academy. I am grateful to my pastor and team leader, Ted Speer, for his vision for this school. I appreciate fellow team missionary Micah Christiansen’s day-to-day leadership of the school. All four of our children participated in the Christmas program, and many children, including our Faith, received COVID-delayed recognition for completing kindergarten. Please pray for the staff of our school as they daily guide nearly 400 students.


God blessed our Bible college with more new students last month. One of these new students, Pastor John Kwesi Baidoo, was referred to our Bible college by one of our graduates. I was honored to have him in my class on using the Strong’s Concordance for Bible study. Also, while we were in the States last summer, God allowed us to raise money for new desks for our Bible college. When the new desks arrived, the students helped unpack them and put them into use!


In December, Pastor Speer led our ministry to buy extra airtime on the radio to preach the Gospel. About a dozen of our men filled a total of 19 time slots throughout the month. I was privileged to preach twice. My soul-winning partner Patrice translated for me. After I preached the first time, a man called in to declare that he would join our church—and he indeed came the following Sunday!

Sunday School

Maria and I were both sick on Christmas Day! The next day, we both still had fevers and still felt terrible, so we did not attend church that morning. Still, our class had a great day, with over 110 in attendance. I am thankful for our class member, Peter Frimpong, who led the class in my absence. We had another great day in our class yesterday, at which time we took the group picture below.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for our health; we are not yet back to 100%. Pray for more disciples to train both in our Bible college and in our Sunday school class. Please pray that the leaders of Ghana would not restrict our ability to serve here in Ghana.

Your servants and His!

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, & Ben Sarver