Micah Christiansen Prayer Letter:  We Are Official Missionaries Now!This is our first prayer letter, so Abbie and I figure that makes us official missionaries now! We have greatly enjoyed visiting churches in Ohio and Illinois and getting to present our future ministry in Ghana. We have been treated so well that Abbie and I are afraid we will be spoiled by the time we get to Africa!

I especially enjoyed getting to visit two churches that have my heart in a special way. When I was a student in Hyles-Anderson College, I worked in the Chapel Ministry, which planted churches in predominately African-American neighbor-hoods. I was blessed to be able to work in First Baptist Church of South Holland for 7½ years. For most of those years, my area of ministry was a bus route in the neighboring suburb of Harvey. That bus route became a separate church plant, Promise of Hope Baptist Church.


Micah with some former bus riders

Getting to come back to these two churches as a missionary was highly enjoyable, as I got to see people whom I love very much after a separation of about two years. I was especially encouraged to see parents of old bus riders and people who had stopped riding the bus now attending and involved at Promise of Hope Baptist Church.

Abbie and I are thankful for our safe travels thus far and ask that you would pray for us as we continue to travel. We also ask that you would pray that God would bless us in our scheduling of meetings. I would love to resign my secular job and focus on deputation full-time. I do thank God that I have the flexibility to get time off for meetings whenever I need it, however. Thank you for your prayers; we need them.

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen