Micah Christiansen Prayer Letter:  Time Flies!They say, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” Well, time has certainly flown by these last couple of months. Only two weeks after the busyness of closing the school year, the church had its annual Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference. The conference theme was “Once Saved, Always Saved.” This is a controversial but very important topic here in Ghana, and it was a blessing to be one among scores of people who worked to make the conference, from what I have heard, the best one we have had yet! Abbie got to teach four visual lessons on eternal security in the ladies’ sessions in the conference, and she did a great job! The children’s choir sang during the conference and did a great job, especially considering their leader’s lack of musical ability! I was so excited that 42 of our children came to sing—a truly amazing turnout considering the transportation difficulties!

Two weeks after our conference, school started again! I never before realized how many details could go into starting a new school year. Adding a layer of complexity to getting ready for the school year was that we were racing to get our new school building finished before the beginning of the school year. We just barely got the new building completed in time, but what a blessing the new building is! We would not have had room for our current student body in our old facilities. The generosity of the people of our church is what made this new facility possible, and I am so thankful.

Please be in prayer for Abbie and our unborn daughter, as Abbie’s due date is October 9. We have a good hospital, but this is our first experience with labor and birth, and we are getting more excited (and nervous) as the time approaches. We desire your prayers.

Thank you for praying for us to grow in overcoming the challenges of helping Ghanaians to understand the Gospel. God has truly helped me. It is such a blessing to return to those with whom I have shared the Gospel and find that they still understand it well!

Fruit to Your Account

“Madam, come preach to me!” said a young man in a sewing shop as Abbie was out soul winning. Abbie’s soul-winning partner was already talking to someone else at the shop, and he wanted Abbie to come talk to him. He listened to Abbie “preach” the Gospel and got saved!


While Abbie and I were out on our bi-weekly grocery shopping trip, I was able to witness to our taxi driver Oppong. He listened well, but we were often interrupted by the necessities of shopping. When we were finished grocery shopping, he chose to stay at our house and finish listening to me explain the Gospel. He spent an hour with me and gave up the opportunity to make more money, but he gained the treasure of everlasting life!


In our last prayer letter, I told you about Kezia, the girl who started coming to church through several brief meetings with me on the road. Now her mother and siblings are also faithfully attending our church!

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen