Micah Christiansen Prayer Letter:  Special Prayer RequestI would not normally start with a prayer request, but this matter is very important to me. My mom, Debbie Christiansen, has been diagnosed with advanced stage four cancer. Treatment cannot cure her; it would only prolong her life. God still does miracles, and we ask that you join us in prayer. My parents are making some difficult decisions, so please pray for wisdom as well. My parents are missionaries in the Philippines and are great examples of lives lived for God.
With regard to deputation, February was a slow month, but it was an exciting month in the workplace!

For the first time, I led a coworker to Christ! I have witnessed to coworkers before, but this is the first time someone got saved. I was given two trainees to teach the assembly process at the factory, which allowed me to build a good rapport with them. I talked to one of the trainees and found out he was already saved. I wanted to talk to my other trainee, Manny, as well, but he was not working right next to me anymore, and I did not know where he was taking lunch break. I found out that information, however, so I planned to crash his lunch break the following day. Manny allowed me to present the Gospel, but he would not make a decision right then. He wanted time to think about what I had shown him. I followed up with him two days later; and, praise God, he had decided to pray and accept Christ the previous night!

In March our schedule was busier, including missions conferences at Frankfort Baptist Temple, where I grew up, and at First Baptist Church of Hammond, where Abbie grew up. Not only did we greatly enjoy ourselves, but we were also greatly encouraged as people who invested in us expressed their confidence in us. What a blessing to have the people of these churches standing behind us and praying for us!
We thank you for your prayers also. We have had safety in our travels, and I am seeing an increase in the number of meetings I am scheduling. As soon as I can schedule eight weeks in a row, I will know when I can quit my job and do deputation full-time!

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen