Micah Christiansen Prayer Letter: Progress During COVID-19We received word last week that we would be able to have services—with no attendance cap! We will only be limited by the social- distancing requirements. We are also excited that we can run our bus routes again. We are not able to have children’s Sunday school classes or children’s church right now because of the social- distancing limitations, but I am hopeful that we will soon find solutions. Please pray for wisdom as we move forward.

Please also pray for our Pastors’ Seminar coming up August 11-13. We are not able to have our annual Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference because of COVID-19 restrictions, so we will have sessions for just pastors instead. We have had to limit the number, but our desire is that we would gain greater influence with these pastors. Please pray that the pastors would leave our seminar feeling that our church is a place from which they want to get more training. We have a team of men who go to churches and train in soul winning. We have Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa. Please pray that many of these pastors would decide to take advantage of both of these resources.

I have not been doing Bible Clubs during this time, and that has given me opportunities to go and visit at the homes of some of the children who come to our church. We do not have house addresses in Ghana, so it is usually impossible for me to find a person’s house unless I have someone to guide me. I have enjoyed getting to meet many of our children’s parents and family members. I am feeling more connected with these families now than I was before the pandemic. For the last two weeks now, I have had the joy of being able to see Gideon, a 10-year-old boy I helped to train in soul winning, lead children whom we went to visit to Christ.

I am praying for you and the difficult situations many of you are facing in America.

Fruit to Your Account

Fundamental Baptist Academy has not been able to have school since mid-March. We do not know when we will be able to have school again, so we decided to have our teachers go and tutor students at their homes. Doing so opened a door for me to witness to one of our new students, an eight-year-old named Lena. Lena listened very well, understood the Gospel, and put her trust in Jesus alone to save her.

During the same week, an older student wanted me to go witness to one of his cousins. It was a little bit of a drive, but I was able to go and give Cassius the Gospel. It took a while for him to see that his good works could not save him, but eventually he chose to trust Jesus instead of his good works. It was a blessing to me to see my student have a heart to reach his family with the Gospel.

While visiting the children who come to our church, I went to one house where I met eight children, some of whom come to our church regularly and some who do not. All of them thought that they had to do good things to go to Heaven, especially obeying their parents. This kind of thinking is reinforced daily in most homes in Ghana. Praise God, by the time we were done, I was able to lead 3 of them to trust Jesus for salvation!

Yours for souls,
Micah Christiansen