Micah Christiansen Prayer Letter:  Passed a Support-Level Mile Marker!Going into August, I had hoped this letter would announce that Abbie and I had reached 25% of our target support level. However, God has supplied more than that! We are now at 35% of the support we need to get to Ghana! Praise the Lord!

Abbie and I are finally officially on full-time deputation! What does this mean? It means that I no longer have to work a full-time job in the factory while trying to schedule meetings at churches in my morning hours. Thus, I get to make a lot more phone calls, resulting in more meetings getting scheduled more quickly. More meetings scheduled means I present the ministry in Ghana more often, which means we raise support faster and get to Ghana sooner! That is why I am excited! So please continue to pray for our scheduling and our meetings.

We have been busy these two months, but we love it! We had meetings in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Georgia! One perk of deputation is that sometimes I get to meet friends from college, and it is such an encouragement to see them serving the Lord in their churches. Everywhere we went, God’s people were very good to us, and we are thankful.

My favorite soul-winning experience of late started with meeting an extremely talkative man while Abbie and I were knocking doors. Through his much speaking, we found that he was already saved and attending a Gospel-preaching church, so I waited impatiently to extract myself and go where I might do some good. When he finally let us go, Martin, a high school basketball player, was waiting for a ride on the porch next door. He was wide open to the Gospel. If we had gone to the next door when I wanted to go, Martin probably would not have answered the door, since he did not live there. Also, he would have been with his teammates, who later heckled him for talking to us, but by then Martin was interested. God’s timing was perfect, and Martin got saved.

Thank you for praying for my mom and her cancer. She is doing better at this point than the doctors had expected. She is in less discomfort than before, though she is getting weaker and still cannot travel. My parents are amazing; they powerfully show God’s grace. Please keep them in your prayers.

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen