Micah Christiansen Prayer Letter:  Nearing Full-Time Deputation Abbie and I have enjoyed traveling to churches in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio in the past two months. We love getting to make new friends and prayer partners everywhere we go; we have been blessed at every church. One of those blessings happened when a church in Indiana voted to take us on for support during their Sunday evening service! We have never had an immediate response to a meeting before, so we were very surprised, encouraged, and blessed!

We have also been blessed in safety while traveling. We want to thank you for your prayers; we have narrowly avoided deer twice in the last two months. One of those times, we were doing 70 mph on the interstate! Thankfully, the only result of these encounters was adrenaline rush!

I am blessed every time God uses me to present the Gospel, but winning Brianna to the Lord was a special blessing. Abbie and I were witnessing to a young man named Allen when two people walked up to the house. The man walked inside, but the teenage girl stayed outside. As I continued witnessing to Allen, I could tell the girl was listening to everything I was saying. Allen trusted Christ, and after 15 minutes of further explanation, his sister Brianna trusted Christ also! I love those divine appointments! God brought her to us at just the right time for both Allen and Brianna to be saved! It is so exciting when you see God use you!

Thank you for praying for my parents with regard to my mom’s terminal cancer. Due to the placement of some of the cancer tumors, she is not able to come to the States, so Abbie and I will be flying out to the Philippines this summer to see her. God’s grace has been sufficient for my parents, but please continue to pray for them in this difficult time.

I also want to thank you for praying for my meeting scheduling. The number of meetings I have scheduled has significantly increased, and if we can get a few more meetings scheduled in August, we can go on full-time deputation this summer! Please pray to that end.

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen