Micah Christiansen Prayer Letter: Growth Through Bible ClubsJust imagine that you are a child, and almost every day your parents tell you, “If you do that, you will go to Hell. You have to be good to go to Heaven.” Many Ghanaian parents regularly threaten their children with Hell for disobedience. This teaching is reinforced in the preaching at their churches and schools. As a result, many Ghanaian children are heavily indoctrinated in works salvation from a young age. This knowledge drives me to work harder to give children the Gospel of salvation by grace through faith.

Since my last prayer letter, our Saturday Bible Club Ministry has met in four different locations, all in communities around our church. I think the most exciting aspects of this ministry are the opportunities for service and growth that this ministry gives to the children and teenagers who help with the Bible Clubs.

Every Saturday, we carry our benches and Bible Club materials to our location, go out for about 15 minutes to invite children to the Bible Club, and then get started. Even six-year-olds from our church have been able to be involved in these jobs! During Bible Club, some teenagers and children have led songs for the first time, taught a Bible verse for the first time, or translated a Bible lesson for the first time. Some of our workers have shared the Gospel for the first time at Bible Club, and some of those have led their first souls to Christ! Praise God!

Our Christian school is continuing to grow in size, and with that have come some soul-winning opportunities. In the last month, I got to lead two of our students to Christ, and I also led a young lady, who was applying for a teacher position, to Christ. Please pray that as our younger students get older, they will decide to trust Jesus alone for salvation. Please pray for wisdom as Pastor Speer and I make hiring decisions, as we need to open new classrooms.

Fruit to Your Account

The young man holding the flip-book in the picture below is Gideon. I praise God for the work He is doing in Gideon’s life. When Gideon first came to help with Bible Club, he did not take it seriously. However, now he is my biggest helper. Gideon has caught the vision for Bible Club. He has helped me find two of our locations, and he works hard to get children to come to the club. Every week, Gideon witnesses to children from our Bible club, and every week, at least one of them makes the decision to trust Jesus alone for salvation. He has also become one of my Junior Church soul winners on Sundays. Using the illustrated salvation plan that I mentioned in my last prayer letter has given Gideon the confidence to witness. He had given the Gospel before, but he found it very difficult, so he did not witness to anyone very often. Now he says he’ll use the illustrated plan even when witnessing to teens and adults! I am thankful for the way God has used the Bible Club Ministry in Gideon’s life. Please pray that he will continue to grow.

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen