Micah Christiansen Prayer Letter: Growing With the New YearMy family is mostly adjusted to living back in Ghana after our short furlough in the States. We were just getting used to the “cold” weather in the 50s and 60s (which really is quite cold here), when we came back to the hot season in Ghana! However, this time it didn’t take us very long to adjust back to the heat.

It is the custom in Ghana for churches to have a Christmas Day service. It is a refreshing, fun service. Many different groups in our church sing specials, and this year our children’s choir was one of them. They continue to get better despite their leader’s lack of musical ability! It was a blessing to have children in the choir who were not coming to our church last year or whose families were not as involved last year. I love being part of a growing church!

It is also the custom here for churches to have a service on New Year’s Eve to bring in the New Year. Unfortunately, there is a lot of superstition connected with this custom. Many believe that God will bless their year or will not bless it based on whether or not they attended that one service! Pastor Speer teaches and preaches to correct that mindset, so at our church, it is a time of praise for what God has done in the last year and of prayer for what we want God to do in our church in the upcoming year.

It is such a blessing to see young people show concern for the souls of their families. In January after we finished a five-week Bible Club at one location, one of the teens who helps with Bible Club asked if the next week we could take some of the soul winners from Bible Club and go to witness to his cousins. We went, and five of his cousins and two boys from the neighborhood got saved! One of those soul winners couldn’t lead people to Christ four months ago! It is fun watching people grow!

Fruit to Your Account

In December we finished our school’s first term. During the last week of the term, many students have less schoolwork to do since they have taken their last tests in certain subjects. I could see that Godfred and Samuel didn’t have much to do, and God impressed upon my heart to talk to them about their salvation. Neither of these boys come to our church.

I had already talked to Godfred about how to be saved, and I knew that a teacher and an older student had both witnessed to Samuel, but I wanted to hear what they could tell me about the Gospel. Both boys basically told me that you have to obey God’s commandments to go to Heaven. Slowly and thoroughly, I got to go through the Gospel with them, and at the end, both of them chose to put their faith in Jesus alone for salvation.

Since that time, I have again asked them to tell me the way they will go to Heaven. Praise God! They were able to testify clearly that they will go to Heaven through faith in Christ!

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen