Micah Christiansen Prayer Letter:  Awesome August!August was a great month! Every August, our church has its Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference. This year the theme was on the Great Commission. Most churches in Ghana preach works salvation, but even among the Gospel-preaching churches of Ghana, there is a great need for training on how to present the Gospel effectively. Pastor Speer is excellent at teaching about soul winning, but a few days of teaching on soul winning is not enough for a person to become a good soul winner; it takes personal training. Please pray that many of these church leaders will see the need to get training and will come to our college for the soul-winning course or will request for trainers from our church to come and help them.

Our guest speaker, Pastor John Wilkerson, taught on discipleship, and many people from many churches grew excited about going out and starting to disciple their converts. Our own church was challenged by his teaching to adjust some aspects of our discipleship program. Please pray that we would be more effective at helping our converts learn to follow Christ.

I was personally encouraged during the conference by seeing the illustrated soul-winning book that I developed for witnessing to children being used by a teenage girl from a church in Sunyani. Their church came to S.M.I.T.E. camp back in April, and I found her using the book to witness to two other girls during the conference! Another S.M.I.T.E. attender from a church in Tema told me that he has been using his book for witnessing to children and that he has found it a help! Praise the Lord!

The rest of August was spent preparing for the new school year starting in September. We have many young students who are now coming to an age where they can understand the Gospel. Please pray that many of these students will be saved this year.

Fruit to Your Account

August was also the month that we started our most fruitful Bible Club. We did this Bible Club in cooperation with our church’s bus route in Bantama. As a result, there are 3 boys who have come to church every week since they attended Bible Club, as well as others who have visited the church. We had a high day of about 50, and during that day, our 4 teenage soul winners gave the Gospel to 20 of the children. We believe 17 of them put their faith in Christ. Over 80 different children attended throughout the 5 weeks of Bible Club, and over 60 of them heard a personal presentation of the Gospel. Many of them made salvation decisions. One of the children attending the Bantama Bible Club already attends our church, but now he wants to learn how to win souls. He has started coming to Bible Club as a worker and is translating for a soul winner so that he can learn how to do it himself. Thank you for your investment in the lives of these children! Below are some pictures of our soul winners at the Bantama Bible Club.

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen