Micah and Abbie Christiansen: Showers of Blessings in Dry SeasonWe are nearing the end of our dry season in Ghana. We have not had any rain for the last couple of months, and everything is getting to look brown and is very dusty. However, we are not in a “dry spell” of blessings.

Fundamental Baptist Academy graduated 48 students from our kindergarten in December, so now we have, by far, the largest first grade class we have ever had. Several of these students have already come to me asking about how to go to Heaven. Please pray for us as we seek to guide our students to a saving belief in Jesus.

The soul-winning training continues to bear fruit, as Eric (see the Fruit to Your Account section) and Jezreel are gaining confidence to talk to other children about the Gospel.

I got to see one of the teenagers, who learned how to give the Gospel to children through our Bible Club ministry, witness to a group of children in a non-Bible Club setting. Afterward, I asked the children what decision they had just made. My favorite answer came from one child, whom I honestly thought had not been listening. He said, “I decided to change my mind.” I asked, “To change your mind about what?” He said, “I changed my mind that I need to be good to go to Heaven and decided to trust Jesus to go to Heaven.” I guess he listened pretty well!

My family is planning a short furlough from September to November 2022. We would love to come and report to your church about what God is doing here in Ghana if our schedule will permit. If you are interested in our coming to your church, please let us know at christiansens2ghana@gmail.com.

Fruit to Your Account

Being the headmaster, the local term for a principal, has some fun advantages in Ghana.
As I was going soul winning not far from our church, I saw a boy named Perven, who goes to our school but does not come to our church. As I asked him some questions, it became obvious that he had heard the Gospel at our school but had not understood it. I tried to explain the Gospel to him, but too many of the English words were unfamiliar to him. I told Eric, my 11-year-old soul-winning partner, to talk to him, and it was a joy to see Eric quickly bring Perven to an understanding of the Gospel. Perven’s parents were not home that week, so I told him we would come the next week.

When we came again, I was very surprised to find both the father and mother home. The father, Samuel, is a policeman and usually works on Saturdays or is sleeping from a night shift. Since I am their child’s headmaster, they instantly invited me inside, and both sat down to hear what I had to say. Samuel listened very intently to the Gospel and professed faith in Jesus Christ.

Perven’s mother, Emmanuella, heard some of the Gospel that day, but she left to take care of her baby. After following up for a month, I finally found her when she had time to listen, and she also chose to put her faith in Jesus alone for salvation.

She has promised to visit our church with Perven. Please pray that she will come soon. Please also pray that I will catch Perven’s older siblings, Wonder and Beatrice, at a time when they also will be able to give their attention to the Gospel.

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen

FBMI Missionary Micah Christiansen Prayer Letter Picture

Some of the children doing soul-winning training