Micah and Abbie Christiansen Prayer Letter: Fresh Starts!Thank you for praying for Abbie throughout her pregnancy. We were blessed with the safe delivery of a healthy girl, Gloriana Joy Christiansen, on April 13! She weighed just 5 pounds at birth, but she has been filling out and growing since then. Gloriana is our third child to be born in Ghana, and each delivery has been quick and without complications. We believe your prayers have played a big role, so thank you!

Another exciting development has been that we have started doing Bible Clubs again! In March, we felt like most parents would once again welcome a Bible Club in their community, so we started one on our church’s Maaban bus route. We had about 40 children attend the first week! We did 2 clubs in Maaban and then started one on our church’s bus route in Adankwame. We have had about 150 different children attend the clubs, scores of whom have heard the Gospel, and many of whom have professed faith in Christ for salvation.

I am also excited for the growth of those who are helping me with the Bible Clubs. Two of our college men are training with me in the Bible Clubs. Two of the children who work with me in the Bible Clubs each week, Eric and Jezreel, have given the Gospel for their first time. Please continue to pray for the Bible Clubs to bear lasting fruit!

Fruit to Your Account

It is something special to see God working on a heart, convicting a person of his sin. I had preached for a couple of weeks in our school’s chapel services on our need for salvation and on the complete inability of our works to earn eternal life. I encouraged our students to ask questions about how to be saved, but I wasn’t getting the response I had hoped to get from our younger students.
Then one of those younger students came to me because he had lied to his teacher. I talked to him very seriously about how God feels about lying. When I told him that he could go back to class, he hesitated, and then with tears in his eyes, he asked, “Bro. Micah, can you show me how to go to Heaven?” God had convicted him of his sin, so he was very ready to trust in Jesus for salvation. Please pray that more of our students will choose to trust Christ this school year.

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen