Micah and Abbie Christiansen Prayer Letter: Bible Club Blessings!Our church consistently emphasizes that it is our duty and privilege to give the Gospel to everyone. It is such a blessing to see some of the young people of our church starting to live this truth. Some of the students at our church’s school do not attend our church; however, we have recently seen an increase in the number of students attending, and a big part of that increase has been due to the church’s young people witnessing to and encouraging their fellow students to come to our church.

I was also encouraged when some of our church’s children came to me after Children’s Church and asked me if we could start doing soul-winning training again. This happened three different times with different children, so we now have soul-winning training for the children in English and Twi. One of these children used what he is learning in our most recent Bible Club in Bantama to lead two children to Christ!

The newest Bantama Bible Club is going very well. We are working in conjunction with one of our church’s bus routes, and as a result, 20 children from the Bible Club came to church last Sunday! I love getting to serve Christ in a place where you can go to a place where a lot of children live, borrow some benches from people in the neighborhood, put the benches in the shade of a mango tree, and preach the Gospel!

I pray that you will have a very Merry Christmas and that God will give you opportunities through this season to share the news of His Son. Please pray for our church’s radio ministry, as we will be on four different radio stations weekly throughout the month of December, preaching the Gospel.

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One of the missionary families on our team, the Halls, had recently moved to a new house, so they invited me and my Bible Club team to do a Bible Club at their house for the children in their neighborhood. We do Bible Clubs for five weeks at a single location, and then we move on to a different location.

I did not know a way to drive to the Halls’ house that wouldn’t tear out the under-carriage of my car, so I would park the car at a certain point, and then we Bible Club workers would walk the rest of the way.

As we were walking to the Halls’ house the day of the final Bible Club, I saw a boy sitting by the side of the road eating. I recognized him from a Bible Club I had done almost three years before, though he had been just a little kid then. His name was Kofi. I invited Kofi to come, and Bro. Daniel Adjei talked to his parents and showed him the location.

Bro. Benjamin Aboagye led Kofi to Christ that day, and the next day Kofi came to church! Since then, he has attended many of our services, including evening services and soul winning!

In following up with the family, I have been able to lead his adult brother Bismark and his older sister (whom they call Sister–I don’t even know her real name!) to Christ. Please pray that more of the family will be saved and that they will come to church.

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen

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