Micah and Abbie Christiansen Prayer Letter:  A Conference FirstDuring August 10–13, our church was blessed to have its annual Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference again. Last year we were prevented from doing the conference due to COVID regulations, but this year we were able to help delegates from all over Ghana with our theme, “Building Better Marriages.” Our guest speaker was Pastor John Wilkerson of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, and he was a great blessing to all who attended.
Of course, children and younger teenagers should not be in certain sessions about marriage or even about dating. As a result, we decided to add our first-ever children’s sessions to the conference for those ages 4 to 14, and I had the privilege to lead those sessions.

We had six different sermons all centered on the theme of running the Christian race. We interspersed races, games, and Bible competitions between the sermons, which were preached by Bro. Lawrence Williams (a former Team Ghana missionary), Kingsley Addai and Rexford Anning (pastors of two of our daughter churches), and me. I believe that some good decisions were made.

I greatly desire that God would use the young people of our churches to spread the Gospel throughout Ghana and Africa. Please pray that many young people in Ghana would surrender their lives to God’s service.

We also have some great news concerning the school. First, God has provided funds for a second story to be added to our school building! It is very common in Ghana to do construction in stages like this. Second, God has provided a young man, Prince Oppong, to work closely with me in the administration of the school. This has been a need for a couple of years now, but we were waiting for the right person. Please pray that God would use Prince to allow us to influence the lives of our students more for Him.

Fruit to Your Account

I marvel to see what God will do sometimes to make sure a person hears the Gospel! One Saturday in September, we had a very poor Bible Club attendance. As a result, we finished early. Since we had extra time, we went soul winning.

I saw a man who just “happened” to be sitting in a shaded area by the road doing nothing. He also just “happened” to be in Kumasi only that weekend. I started talking to him but found that his English was not good enough to understand the Gospel, and my Twi was not good enough to understand his answers.

It so “happened” that Daniel, one of the Bible Club workers, was waiting to see if I needed help, though he could have gone on to find someone else. Daniel translated for me for the rest of the time.

This man had difficulty understanding the Gospel. Sometimes I wasn’t sure how to explain it to him in a way he would under-stand, but Daniel knew a way which helped him. At other times, Daniel didn’t know what to say, but I found a way to help the man understand. With God’s help, the man (also named Daniel) understood the Gospel!

He just “happened” to get two experienced soul winners at the time that we just “happened” to get out of Bible Club early on the only weekend he just “happened” to be in Kumasi! God wanted this man to get saved!

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen