Mark Palmani Prayer Letter: Opportunities to Go Soul WinningGreetings from the Philippines! The last two months have been challenging and also a time of meditating in the Word of God. We always thank the Lord for any opportunity to go soul winning. Mylene lives in a province about eight hours away. She was working in our city just for a few months, but because of the pandemic, she was unable to go home. I asked her if she was sure about her salvation, and her answer was a simple “No.” After 45 minutes, the Lord worked on her heart, and she called on the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. Pray that she can find a church back home and grow.

In October and November, we were able to attend three funeral services, and dozens heard the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The mother of one our members went to be with the Lord last October. I was invited to preach to the family and friends who attended. I preached from James 4:14, “. . . For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.” There were more than 50 people in attendance, and we praise the Lord that we were able to share the Gospel with so many of those in attendance. Again, the Holy Spirit worked, and many called on our Lord Jesus Christ for salvation.

It was a blessing that we rescheduled our Missions Conference from the first week of December to the last week of November. The church was able to have the four-day conference without the city stopping or interfering. Many of our church members attended the services. Right after the conference, the COVID cases rose to an all-time high, and many of the areas in our city went back on lockdown. I encouraged our people to keep supporting foreign missionaries because the work of the Lord must go on. Our church sacrifices every year to support missionaries. We thank the Lord for our missionaries in Muslim countries like Qatar, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. These countries are very hard to reach, but the Word of God is not bound. One of our Bible college graduates, a single lady, is in Cambodia as a short-term missionary helper. She is able to go and reach the little Cambodian children with the Gospel.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

Mark and Kim Palmani
Anastasia, Rachel, and AJ