Mark Holmes Prayer Letter:  Ordination and ExpansionFor the last 2½ years, Adewale (pronounced Ah-deh-wah-leh) Adesina has served at Truth Baptist Church as an intern, gladly getting involved in virtually every aspect of our ministry. He is a graduate of the first independent Baptist Bible college in Nigeria and was recommended to us by the missionary who reached him and by his pastor. When our assistant pastor’s accident took him out of service for many months, Adewale capably filled in for many of the responsibilities and also gained the respect of our church by how he worked with the leadership during my recent furlough. On the 17th of January, I had the great honor of ordaining my co-laborer to the Gospel ministry, along with another pastor who will soon graduate from our institute. Adewale’s ordination and our Sunday services were preached by both his former pastor and his sending pastor. I am privileged to serve with Bro. Adesina as he fills the roles of youth pastor at Truth Baptist Church, instructor at our seminary, and director of our correspondence college.

At this time four years ago, Truth Baptist Church held its first of three fundraising banquets for an auditorium on an already-existing foundation. The response of the members was wonderful, raising more than $25,000 in the first three years, and plans were made to begin work. However, the church still has the desire to complete and beautify the classrooms and main hall we have been using since the church’s beginning almost nine years ago, and we wish to continue growing while awaiting approval of the new building plans and at the same time persisting to give towards the nearly $40,000 that is needed for a bigger meeting place. Therefore, the idea was brought forward to expand our present building from the inside, making it to where we would need to double our average attendance to outgrow the structure after expansion. Pray for this project that will cost about $7,000 and for our members as they continue to sacrifice for future growth; any contribution that you could designate toward “auditorium expansion” or “new auditorium” would be a great blessing.

The month of February brought about two birthday commemorations in our family. Noah celebrated his 3rd, and for Sabrina, my wife’s age and beauty seems to remain at 27 and continues to renew and refine. Of course, Noah was looking for more gifts on Sabrina’s special day! Allow me to close with another request for prayer, as our host nation will be entering into a closely contested presidential election at the end of March. Intercession is needed for Nigeria’s complex security situation and for peace around the elections.

Believing God,

Mark Holmes