Mark and Kim Palmani Prayer Letter: One-Year Anniversary for a Church-PlantWhen Kim and I heard that my mom had passed away on June 8, we knew that, because of the travel restrictions and other protocols, we could not go back to the funeral. We prayed about it, and we know that we will one day see her again in Heaven. We were able to attend the funeral by way of live streaming. We thank the Lord for Pastor Burdette and Monterey Baptist Church for helping with the funeral services. Thank you to those who remembered my family through your prayers, condolences, and financial support.

Recently while out soul winning, I met a man who lives about six hours from our city. Anthony was just staying in our city for a few days to have a few doctors’ checkups for his eyes. I gave him the wonderful Gospel story of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord that Anthony called on the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation! Please pray that Anthony will find a good, local New Testament church in his hometown.

Our Bible college has already started, and we are busy with classes, ministries, and home Bible studies. We are slowly getting back to regular ministries, praise the Lord. Please pray that our Bible college students will continue to be faithful as they serve the Lord with their lives.

Pastor Orlando, one of our Bible college graduates, wanted to start a second church in his hometown. His hometown is more than an hour away by public transportation. As of now, they are meeting twice a month every other Saturday for services. We are praying that Apugan Baptist Church can one day have regular Sunday services. Attached are photos of the Apugan Baptist Church’s one-year anniversary service.

Mark and Kim Palmani
Anastasia, Rachel, and AJ
Your Missionaries to the Philippines