Mark and Kim Palmani Prayer Letter:  Getting Ready for Another Year of Our Bible CollegeThis past month has been a time of preparation for the upcoming year of our Bible college. We always pray that God will use us to train young men and women for the ministry. When we started the church 16 years ago, we had a young teenage lady surrender to the ministry. We did not know where to send her to Bible college, so we started Highland Baptist Bible College with 3 students. She was our piano player for over 15 years. Please pray that more young people will surrender to God’s will and go to our Bible college.

Recently, I was able to give the Gospel to an electrician, who had never heard the Gospel story. He was asking some questions about the free gift of God. He was raised Catholic, so he did not understand that salvation is not by works, prayer, or religion. After 45 minutes, he bowed his head and called on the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. He lives about an hour away from the church, and we are praying he can find a local New Testament church closer to his place.

One of our Bible college graduates comes from a pagan (ancestral worship) background. Over the years, several of her family members have been saved. She had the burden for her parents to be saved. After weeks of praying and fasting during the COVID lockdown, the opportunity came for her to share the entire Gospel story with them. Months later, both of her parents accepted the Lord as Saviour. They started attending the local Bible studies and sharing with their other family members. Last week, her precious mother unexpectedly went Home to be with the Lord. I was given the opportunity to preach several of the funeral services and give the Gospel to over 80 people. Thank God for Heaven! (The photos below are of the funeral services.)

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support.

Mark and Kim Palmani
Anastasia, Rachel, and AJ
Your Missionaries to the Philippines